Teachers’ unions study new strikes: weekly in May and indefinite in June

  • This Monday they will meet to specify the next protest mobilizations

After the Department of Education declared the negotiations to unblock the conflict open in the educational field, unions have announced a forceful answer in terms of mobilization. This Monday, union representatives will hold a meeting in which they hope to specify new actions. On the table, various proposals. One of them, a day of strike per week during the month of may. This is what it will suggest youtec. Another, suggested by aspepc, indefinite strike in June with the aim of altering the normal development of the end of the course. The latter, if it goes ahead, would be from June 13, which would have a full impact on final exams, evaluations and grades.

From Aspepc, they would not see the strikes in May “as preparation” for the indefinite strike in June. “People ask us for forceful actions,” they argue. They defend that at this stage of the course, if they want to force Educació, the only thing left for them is to “alter the service while classes last.” “We are going to maximum”, they warn.

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At the same time, they intend to continue boycotting the Public acts in which he participates ‘conseller’, Josep Gonzàlez-Cambray. They already did it this past Monday, when they broke into the auditorium of the University of Barcelona and sabotaged the Educació act. This boycott has gone down very badly in the Department. Cambray himself has made them ugly for boycotting acts that “are not from the ‘minister’, but from the educational community” and has accused them of starring in “violent images” and of “not representing our teachers”. These behaviors, he has said, “do not correspond to the attitude of what it means to be a teacher.” “They show lack of respect” and are “a bad example as teachers and for students”, he has riveted. And he has warned them: “Boycotts will not stop my determination.”

The split between Educació and the unions occurred after they rejected the latest offer from the Department: to reduce the school hour in primary this next academic year 22-23 and in secondary school, the academic year 23-24. The unions demand that secondary school also recover the teaching hour next September. While Educació argues that neither of these two things will be possible because the template decree has already been published, the unions assure that “the Department can move until the last minute”. “Until August you can make faculty appointments,” they insist.

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