Tatiana Clouthier did well on her island

The senators were witnesses to the experience and fang of the Secretary of Economy, Tatiana Clouthier. It wasn’t easy. His appearance implied showing efficient work in an adverse context and the strategy he embraced was good: the Ministry of Economy is an island, it is a well-organized island, and it’s over.

What is going to happen with the electrical reform, that if it is related to Bartlett, that if he had a candle in the funeral of energy competitiveness … no. None of that relates to her. To begin with, ask Manuel Bartlett about the reform and its impact, and furthermore, the legislative work does not correspond to her and from her office she observes with impartiality and respect the division of powers, what the legislators decide freely. No, it is not her business, she is respectful and ask her about her island.

Hey secretary, what about tax policy? And the miscellany? Well, nothing, Clouthier took refuge in her island, which she manages with great professionalism, and warned that futurear is not her thing, that she is seeing the present and in the present what she can say is that she went to Italy and has already convinced to some very important mezclilleros and some beautiful pasta restaurants to invest in Mexico and they were very excited about the idea, even though they produce for the aspirational middle class. The last thing, about the middle class, she did not say, but some license must be taken.

Hey secretary, but the economy is linked to our international performance, legal certainty, contracts and the responsibility shown by the Mexican State. In addition, we are already in circular economy scenarios, the world has already crossed a threshold.

Yes (and she was returning to the island) that is why it is important that we give courses to entrepreneurs and distribute checks, even if the ideal percentage of GDP has not been reached to keep strategic businesses afloat during the pandemic (the latter was not said by her , make no mistake, this is from my harvest). By the way, those who bring the avant-garde ideas are Nuevo León, Jalisco and Querétaro and she listens to them carefully, even when they present circular economy projects.

The truth is that it came out very well. That she loves renewable energy, that she has already seen that the Mayan train is going to run, in part, with clean electricity, that no international company has complained about the economic policy and that she knows the same about international concern as the legislators who they read the press. Because that, we suppose, is not with her. It is not with her the complete scenario. Apparently, she was tasked with transferring resources and changing priorities, so the role played by inflation, reforms, the rule of law, formal employment, the energy context or tax incentives have nothing to do with the Secretary of the Economy and go and ask Bartlett better.

The COP26 does interest him and he is involved, but in the abstract, not with public policies adverse to the environment that are taken in the government of which he is a part. She is only the Secretary of the Economy, which as everyone knows, is an island, it cooks apart and cooks well.

Ivabelle Arroyo

Political scientist


Ivabelle Arroyo Ulloa is a political scientist and analyst, with 24 years of journalistic experience. He is a jury member of the Walter Reuter German Prize for Journalism in Mexico. He directs a digital magazine about capital politics and writes for Jalisco media.


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