Two Argentinian couples won the Tango World Cup in Buenos Aires on Saturday in the living room and stage categories at the end of the festival which paid tribute to Diego Maradona, football idol who died in November 2020.

The competition, in which some 800 dancers from 25 countries participated, took place in a face-to-face but also virtual form for nationals and foreigners, due to health restrictions linked to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The couple formed by Emmanuel casal and Yanina Muzyka won in the tango stage category, and the one composed by Agustin Agnez and Barbara Ferreyra in that of the living room tango, during the finals played in front of the obelisk of Buenos Aires, in the center of the Argentinian capital.

Tribute to Diego Maradona

Songs and dances paid homage to Diego Maradona, captain of the Argentina team, world champion in 1986 and considered one of the very best players in football history. He himself had recorded tango songs as an amateur and liked to practice this dance from Rio de la Plata on the occasion of parties.

This World Cup coincided with the reopening of “milongas” or tango salons, after 18 months of abstinence to avoid Covid-19 infections.

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