Tame Vox?, by Rosa Paz

They say in the PP that the government pact with the extreme right in Castilla y León is going to allow them tame Vox. What good intentions! If taming it means that the party of Santiago Abascal abandon their ultra postulates and recognizes, for example, democratic principles such as equality between men and women and respects laws that seek to advance that goal, including gender violence, welcome be that process of taming. But no, nothing suggests that this is what will happen. In fact, what was seen on Monday at the investiture of Fernández Mañueco is that the Castilian-Leonese president has endorsed Vox’s proposals. A new ‘concord law’ as opposed to that of historical memory, an orderly immigration, in a community that has lost 150,000 inhabitants in 10 years, and domestic violence law. According to him, this last law will be compatible with that of violence against women, which by the way was approved with the support of the PP, although the new law comes to distort the previous one, distorting a problem that cost a lot to incorporate into the public debate and diluting the issue. essential, which is that of sexist aggression.

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