Taliban want to be invited to speak at the United Nations

The Taliban want to enter through the great door of diplomacy. The Foreign Minister of the armed Islamist movement asked the UN to be able to get a tribune at the UN General Assembly currently taking place in New York.

An international committee must look into the issue, but for the moment positions on Afghanistan are not clear. NATO is still in the process of reflection, according to its Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg: “We have to ask tough questions and start thinking about learning lessons, that’s what I initiated in NATO. There is also a lesson to be learned for the whole international community. NATO was there, but also the UN, the EU, many countries that have made a huge effort over twenty years. And we all need to learn from why the Taliban is back and why it ended in Afghanistan as it ended. “

No government has officially recognized the Taliban as the new government of Afghanistan and for the UN to give them an ambassadorial post. would in fact constitute a step towards international recognition.


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