Taliban allow Americans and their allies to evacuate from Kabul

Domestic flights in Kabul | Photo: EFE

Taliban authorities in Afghanistan allowed between 100 and 150 Americans to leave Kabul, Qatari officials reported Thursday, in what was the first evacuation flight at the airport since the withdrawal of US military forces.

The last: The large group of foreigners, including American citizens and other Westerners, left this Thursday, September 9, on a Qatar Airways flight that had already transported humanitarian aid to the country, according to the authorities.

  • The United States is pressuring the Taliban to let more people out this week, but no deal has yet been reached on a group stranded in Mazar-i-Sharif, north of Kabul.
  • The Taliban promised they would release passengers with valid travel documents, but many of those at the northern air terminal did not have those papers.

What do they say? “Call it what you want, a charter or commercial flight, everyone has tickets and boarding passes,” said a Qatari official on condition of anonymity. Another commercial flight will take off on Friday. “Fortunately, life is normalizing in Afghanistan.”

  • Efforts by the Biden administration to help citizens and others “with whom we have a special commitment” were underway, said a State Department spokesman.
  • An American family of four managed to flee the country over a land border, the government agency confirmed this week.

Main source of the news: ABC News


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