Talia Lavin, an infiltrated Jew between white supremacists

Female, Jewish, bisexual and anti-fascist. Podría will be the most important victim of the white supremacists, pero Talia Lavin decidió convertirse en su pesadilla. During one year the periodicals are infiltrated in digital communities where neonazis y antisemitic varios comparten sus sueños húmedos de desatar una racial war and United States que desemboque en un nuevo Holocaust.

Tras mired directly to the islands of this infinite ario, Avalanche retreated to its periphery in ‘The culture of audio‘(Captain Swing), a book widely praised by critics for their ability to investigate and retreat with fury, describes and includes humor in the characters that are sung in this world of ultra-directive violence.

– What should infiltrate between supremacists?

Empecé has seen that there was no abstract problem when working in a judicial agency of notices and as the majority of traffic in our neo-Nazi web league. Through the 2017 Charlottesville Supermarket event, I wrote my first article and received all kinds of insults. I would like to say that the Holocaust did not exist until Deberían made one for people like you. If you want to be able to support yourself, you can double down on the support and decide that the best form of combat is to make the people know and understand their groups.

– What conclusions do you have about your time?

Much thought in two things. The first is that although the people create that the supremacists lose their jobs without life, their people are completely normal that they can find in the super or in the cohort of your hijo. None of us are immune to propaganda and even more so when we are confronted with the stereotypes that we understand about the problem.

“Supremacists are their normal people because odia because they repeat every day that deben salvar the white race”

The other is that his audio is constructed about stories. People like to go with the cruelty, but the majority of them odian because they repeat a story to justify their actions. I honestly believe that the white race is the victim of an attack on Jews and blacks and that their actions will serve to guarantee their future.

– Does it sound like judicial oblivion is inseparable from white supremacism?

Anti-Semitism is a major part of our colonial Europe in Europe, and we are embracing the stereotypes that we are creating here. The audio is not an island, everything is connected and the judo is the final expiration date. As a result, we can believe that the movement of the rights of African Americans is the work of Jewish elites who seek to encourage immigrants to measure race and perpetuate a white genocide. To all supremacists there is a great conspiracy for Jewish domination.

– How do you approve the covid pandemic to popularize its consignments?

During the Negro Plague (s. XIV) he blamed the judges of haber initiated the plague and so led to pogroms with miles of assessors. This story is recycled every time there is a time of crisis. The pandemic caused a great deal of agitation, paranoia and death. Y, encased at home, many have found a truck haci conspiracies that say that the vacancies are for matarnos. When your life is in danger it is natural to look for a culprit and the judges have occupied this position in the western imagination.

“For the supremacists, the cause of the pandemic is an attempt to recruit people”

The supremacists he saw in covid un plan de gobierno judío para domesticar a la sociedad. He infiltrates between the antivacunas he hecho that they are looking for his posts. The money is for them a sale to recruit people.

– Have you heard about the xenophobic and nationalist rhetoric of Trump feeding the supremacists?

The supremacists approve of Trump’s allegiance to popularize. Trump has facilitated that different types of extremists infiltrate the Republican Party. There are members of the Congress aligned with insurgency, others with supremacists and others who are prohibited from having books on sex education. This is a product of Trump.

– ¿Su apoyo a la insurrection against the Capitol the best of his perception?

“Trump will not be considered an ally and will be considered as another slave to the service of the Jews”

Many supremacists think that the insurgency would lead to the termination of the work assigned to the congressmen. In principle, Trump thinks the deja vu will make his pogroms tranquilos, but then converts him into a slave to the judiciary because he pushed Jared Kushner into the White House and ally himself with the Zionism of Israel.

– In the 2024 elections as an opportunity to subvert the system?

There are many distinct visions. The outcry with Trump led him to crack down on politics and crack down on terrorism. Others have seen an opportunity to focus on local and state elections. Here it is difficult to make decisions that affect society.

– Has supremacism found in the community (involuntary celebs) a source of caption for its cause?

Overall. We imagine the ones like young women happy and determined that they will never find love, but they actually believe that women who do not want to have sex with them will die. This anti-feminist extremism has inspired many terrorists. También is a very nihilistic community and there is a lot to commit suicide. With all this, he converted into a point for the supremacists to recruit.

Internet is on the right-wing side. What is the communication importance of the memes, the irony, the burla and the humiliation of the victims in the propaganda of his discourse?

“Humor allows them to catch young and be a defense mechanism when they are accused”

Humor is at the heart of its digital strategy. It has a double function: it serves to attract young men and as a defense mechanism when they are accused. Juegan a mofarse de la violencia, aunque sea of ​​videos of african americans being assigned, ya hacer que parezcan bromas quanden estand propaganda un discourse de odio claro.

– He also approved the digital model to monetize his propaganda & mldr;

In the 80’s the supremacistas used the internet to radicalize a people without exposing them and acting on terrorist cells. It is a very adaptable group of technology and now that they are prohibiting us from using traditional payment methods that are used in Bitcoin. Social speeches know what succeeds in their platforms, but the most important ones that protect the victims. No ten excuses.

– Dices that exposed groups of violent and dehumanizing people to have “deformed the alma & rdquor; & mldr;

Write the book as you take action every day, when you are alive and go to bed. It affects because it treats human beings like us but he so the absolute because he chose to dedicate his life to make that of the demas sea peor, as I have my very own personal. Those who say that the supremacists have the right to manifest only their objective are violations. I’m importing more of my victims’ money.

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