T-MEC Corridor will detonate the growth of the Sea of ​​Cortez region: Carlos Ortiz

Los Cabos, BCS. The T-MEC logistics corridor, which aims to link the Sinaloa coastline with the east coast of the United States, is one of the development projects that will contribute to triggering the growth of the Sea of ​​Cortez region, said Carlos Ortiz Todd, president of Caxxor Group.

When participating in the panel of Strategic Investments of the Sea of ​​Cortes Forum, he stressed that although the priority projects of the federal government are in the south of the country, the appetite of investment banking in infrastructure is in the north of the national territory.

Proof of this, he said, is that it seeks to turn the port of Mazatlán into a logistics distribution center that connects the coast of Asia with Mexico and, in turn, with the east coast of the United States, where 75% of the population of that country.

He stressed that the potential of this maritime terminal lies in the saturation of California ports, which is why international shipping companies are looking for a new terminal on the Pacific coast that serves as an entrance to the American Union.

The leader of the infrastructure investment bank assured that this logistics corridor, which seeks to cross the Sierra Madre Occidental to connect the port of Mazatlán by land with the north of the country and from there, with the neighboring nation to the north, has had the provision and opening of the federal government, in addition to the fact that the Senate of the Republic described this intention as an important project.

He said that about a month ago the Federation received the request for the concession, thus advancing the project that began to be structured in September 2020, while last March the master plan was delivered to the authorities.

What follows is to draw between six months and a year of procedures to obtain the concession, after tendering. Construction of the port is scheduled to take around three years.

In turn, the economist Luis de la Calle, indicated that the key to the development of the Sea of ​​Cortez region is not only to solve what is wrong, but to identify what we are good at.

“We need to build a region through the development of a physical infrastructure, but also a social, inclusive infrastructure, where the rights of others are respected and creativity and knowledge are privileged,” he deepened.


The investment project Corredor T-MEC contemplates an investment amount of more than 3,300 million dollars and consists of generating a new logistics axis in the north of the country and the south of the American Union, where it is also sought to unite the Pacific of Mexico with Texas.

For this, the construction of four industrial parks is contemplated and a port project for Sinaloa will be developed, which aims to be the best and most important port for the north of the country.

Among the benefited sectors are the automotive, agro-industrial, mining and energy sectors. The states involved are Sinaloa, Durango and Coahuila.

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