Sustainable fashion: 10 tips to change the habit of wearing and throwing our clothes

When evaluating whether natural or synthetic fabrics are more ethical, everything is not so clear. Look and check the labels because you have to take into account four aspects. Is it durable? Pellets, fraying, wear and fading give clues that it is not (the hardest is leather, polyester, vegetable fibers and metal). How much water have you consumed? 10,000 liters are required to generate 1 kg of cotton fabric (the best choice is vegetable fibers). Is it renewable? It is recommended to look for clothes made with recycled renewable materials (the best, animal hair, leaves, seeds, fruits, viscose, rayon, lyocell, bamboo …). Is it biodegradable? There are parts of the garments that do not biodegrade, such as zippers, zippers or polyester thread (the ideal option is to opt for rubber, seeds, fruits and vegetable fibers.

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