Suspending electricity self-generation contracts will affect the water system and the CDMX Metro: Coparmex

If the electricity counter-reform suspends electricity self-generation contracts, various services in Mexico City, including the water system and the Metro, will also be affected by the increase in costs, which will be transferred to the capital users, said the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex).

It is a fact that by suspending the self-supply of electricity, the federal government will cause investments to stop reaching Mexico and therefore, it will translate into job losses and economic growth, he said. José Medina Mora, president of Coparmex.

In a virtual press conference, the Vice President of the Coparmex, Carlos Aurelio Hernandez, said that self-generation of energy, allowed since 2013, has promoted competition by aiming to offer lower electricity costs among companies, and these are positioned as qualified companies to offer the input and among their customers is the metro, which seeks the lowest prices.

He mentioned: “Thanks to the (energy) reform of 2013, the qualified supply market was opened, it has allowed companies today to have several supply contracting options, around 26 and we see this with Mexico City, with the Mexico City Water System, the Metro also in Mexico City, who are qualified users and who every 3 months are looking for someone to buy electricity from, in a strategy of lowering their costs ”.

However, he regretted that in the last three years (2018, with the entry of the Moreno government), the opening of new basic suppliers has been stopped “tajo”, which have not been able to start operations, due to the regulatory obstacles of the CRE and the Prices, which has prevented the improvement of electricity services and rates.

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