Surrey mom shares story of baby’s unexpected, firefighter-assisted birth

Baby Maia is far too young to realize it, but she has a unique story to tell.

The infant was born unexpectedly at her south Surrey home earlier this month, as a team of firefighters helped keep her mother Martyka Sutor calm and her older brother occupied.

In an interview with host Nafeesa Karim during CTV News at Six on Saturday, Sutor explained that she had been having mild cramps, but didn’t expect it to turn into labour.

She took a bath, hoping the hot water would either ease her pain or – if it was labor – induce some more obvious signs that Maia was ready to be born.

After about 45 minutes in the tub, things started to escalate quickly. Sutor moved to her bedroom, feeling more intense pain, but still expecting that there would be time for her sister-in-law to pick up her 18-month-old son and her husband de ella to bring her to the hospital.

Maia had other ideas, however.

Before her parents could put their birth plan in motion, it became obvious that there wasn’t enough time.

The baby’s father called 911, and Surrey firefighters arrived within a few minutes.

“The second that they got into our bedroom, I’m screaming that she’s coming, I’m pushing, here she is,” Sutor said. “It was two pushes with the firefighters and she was born.”

The whole birth, from the time Sutor started having her mild cramps to the time Maia took her first breaths, lasted about an hour and 20 minutes, according to Sutor.

“It was very, very fast, and just not at all what we expected,” she said.

Sutor said she can’t thank the fire crew enough for their help. Having them present allowed her husband to take her son outside, where some of the firefighters distracted the young boy by showing him their equipment and letting him sit in their truck.

“It was just so cool to see that they weren’t just caring for me and Maia, who were the emergency, but that they were also taking the time to care for my toddler, who I imagine was probably quite scared,” Sutor said .

A few days later, the whole family – including baby Maia – went to visit the firefighters who helped deliver her and share an in-person “thank you.”

View the full interview from CTV News at Six in the video at the top of this article.

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