Surrey drug dealer sentenced to 6 years in prison for role in addict’s death over $5,000 debt

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A Surrey drug dealer has been handed a six-year prison sentence for his role in the death of an addict over a drug debt on Remembrance Day 2019.

According to British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Martha DevlinIn the summer of 2019, Andrew Baldwin, 30, of Surrey, incurred a $5,000 debt for medications supplied by Munroop Singh Hayer.

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Hayer, 30, was the leader of a low-level drug trafficking group and during the fall of 2019 he began pressuring Baldwin to pay the debt.

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In September and October, Hayer began harassing Baldwin’s mother via text messages using foul and threatening language.

On September 25, Hayer wrote: “I can’t help but be clear that if you can afford a measly five dollar scholarship, then you just have to know if he’s clean or not, that’s his whole life, so ask yourself if your kid is worth it.” just five thousand dollars or if it’s better to pay that and when he’s clean he’ll work to pay you and me back and we can all be headache free.”

In November, the debt was still unpaid, so Hayer ordered one of his subordinates, Jordan Bottomley, to visit Baldwin at a friend’s house and threaten him.

On the night of November 11, Bottomley broke into the house, armed with a knife, and stabbed Baldwin 10 times, resulting in his death.

In January 2020, Hayer, Bottomley and two associates were arrested. Hayer and Bottomley were charged with first-degree murder, but were reduced to manslaughter in April 2023 in exchange for the couple admitting to the crime.

Bottomley received an eight-year sentence last July.

Devlin said the Crown wanted Hayer to be jailed for 12 years, while his defense was asking for a five-year sentence.

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“In particular, the Crown highlights, in relation to the aggravating factors, that Mr Hayer engaged in a campaign of threats to recover a drug debt. When this was unsuccessful, he orchestrated a plan to have Mr. Bottomley, a subordinate in the drug trade, confront Mr. Baldwin, a vulnerable and drug-addicted person,” Devlin wrote.

In contrast, the defense claimed that while homicide was a felony, Hayer had simply told Bottomley to confront Baldwin about the drug debt and did not know Bottomley would be armed.

Devlin sentenced Hayer to six years in prison, which will be reduced to five years and six months because Hayer has already served time.

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