Surprise, the Apple Watch Series 7 works with older watch straps


Even though some folks (myself included) were concerned that the Apple Watch Series 7 wouldn’t work with older Apple Watch bands, that didn’t turn out to be true, probably because the often rumored flat-edge redesign didn’t. did. really happen.

New Apple Watch bands revealed shortly after Apple’s ‘California Streaming’ event, such as the Marigold Sport BandFor example, state that they are compatible with the Series 7 despite the watch’s 1mm magnification to 41mm and 45mm, respectively. New 41mm watch bands They are also compatible with 38mm and 40mm Apple watches, and the 45mm watch straps work with the 42mm and 44mm versions of the wearable.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is mostly a long-awaited update to the Series 6. It features a slightly larger screen, slimmer bezels, and a more curved body.


The image above is the easiest way to show the differences between the Series 7, Series 6, and Series 3, Apple’s current line of smartwatches.


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