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By Alain Tittley
Special collaboration

The pandemic has collectively robbed us of the many benefits of art in our lives. The Ministry of Culture and Communications, in collaboration with various arts organizations, is trying to remedy the situation. Meeting with two enthusiasts who believe in the transformative power of art and who have happily collaborated in the efforts of the Government of Quebec to ensure the economic revival of the cultural community. All this while continuing to encourage recognition and local buying.

The promotional campaign Find art from here, here! – initiated by the Ministry of Culture and Communications of Quebec, which invested a sum of $ 720,000 -, will have enabled an unprecedented rapprochement between the Association of Contemporary Art Galleries (AGAC) and the Conseil des métiers d arts du Québec (CMAQ), two organizations resolutely committed to the promotion of artistic creation in Quebec. “As part of this transversal campaign, we discovered that we had similar challenges to meet in order to ensure economic recovery in our two sectors of activity,” explains Julie Lacroix, General Manager of AGAC. We had common goals, and it turned out that the collaboration with CMAQ was mutually beneficial and fruitful for both parties. “

The power of art
For Julien Silvestre, Director General of the CMAQ, the role of art in our society is essential. “This is what challenges us, makes us move forward, makes us vibrate, and this is what makes the link between the absolute and the everyday,” he says. With confinements, teleworking, Zoom meetings, online shopping, social distancing and the rest, we have just gone through a very particular period, largely focused on the digital, the virtual; however, we need a return to matter. And that is why the visual arts, contemporary art and fine crafts contribute to our collective well-being. This is why we are delighted to participate with AGAC in this promotional campaign, which is in effect until the end of the year and which aims to bring art back to the heart of our daily lives while putting showcasing the work of local artists and artisans. ”

We are going through a period of unprecedented upheaval, which poses its share of challenges and which affects the well-being of the population. “Right now, we need to focus on things that are good for the soul as well as the eyes,” comments Julie Lacroix. Now is the time to focus on the positive things in order to fill the void caused by the lack of art, social estrangement and the ubiquity of screens in our lives over the past few months. This is how the Find Art from Here campaign, here! will allow the two groups to make themselves better known and promote their flagship events – the Paper Fair and the Craft Fair – as well as the local artists and craftspeople they represent.

Do good and do yourself good
“We don’t often have the opportunity to talk about contemporary art and crafts at the same time in such a vast campaign,” specifies Julien Silvestre. We invite people, through our events, to come and meet Quebec artists and artisans and to integrate their works into their lives. By buying works of art produced by Quebec artists or artisans, the amateur makes sure to have a direct impact on our economy. It thus supports the work of local creators who contribute to the economic, tourist and social development of all regions of Quebec. “Our major events are economic engines and essential showcases for our business sectors,” continues Julie Lacroix. The campaign will also allow AGAC to meet art lovers at the Paper Fair, because this event represents the ideal opportunity to discover and acquire works of art from here. We are very happy to collaborate on this alongside a partner who shares the same vision. “

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