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“We could have gone directly to the United States or even Mexico, but we prefer to stay here. » Abritek, a door and window manufacturer based in Saint-Georges, in Beauce, is one of the Quebec companies that sources its entire supplies from the province. Why do it? What are the advantages, the challenges? Lap.

Polyvinyl chloride profiles in Laval, aluminum in Saint-Nicolas, hardware suppliers in Terrebonne, steel doors in Sainte-Julie and Beauceville, sealed units in Quebec, wood in Notre-Dame-des-Pins and Saint- Joseph… Abritek is banking on a 100% Quebec formula that “pays off in the end,” according to Bianca Dupuis, general director.

“It is, among other things, a question of language, to speak French,” describes Stéphen Rancourt, purchasing director at Abritek. We don’t have total bilingualism in the region – nothing that prevents us from communicating in English, of course, but we also like to encourage as close to home as possible. »

In addition, in the long term, the company benefits from stability and good knowledge of its network.

“It’s a very family-run factory, this mentality is still very strong. We like people to come and encourage us in the region, so we do the same,” he explains, adding that logistics are made easier by the absence of customs.

When you work with other countries or even outside the province, it’s not the same. What we are experiencing with partnerships in Quebec is unique. It’s more human.

Bianca Dupuis, general director of Abritek

Advantageous relationships

Most of Abritek’s partners have been doing business with the company for 20 or 30 years. This allows for a more pleasant exchange, where “we can speak directly to each other without being offended or irreverent,” according to Stéphen Rancourt.

Furthermore, this mutual knowledge and trust encourages suppliers to consult Abritek before changing a procedure or the availability of a product. “The impacts of a supplier’s decisions can be felt, but they question us proactively,” explains Bianca Dupuis. It simplifies the process. »


Abritek’s challenge lies in the delivery times of new equipment.

Otherwise, their proximity also allows them to work together to solve problems. For example, Abritek’s suppliers offered the company alternatives to adapt to restrictions imposed after the pandemic ended. Result: since mid-2023, the receipt of deliveries has been doing very well.

Another case: following the fire in one of its factories in 2022, Abritek was able to carry out a rapid recovery precisely “thanks to its relationships”.

The challenge

The challenge, on the other hand, lies in the delivery times of the new equipment. Since suppliers source their own supplies from Europe, a part can easily take 18 or even 24 months to arrive safely.

You need to think about your plans two years in advance. With the speed of change in the market, in the last five years, you see things changing sometimes every six months.

Bianca Dupuis, general director of Abritek

“To counter this, we do market research,” adds Stéphen Rancourt. We have quarterly meetings to anticipate the trend; It’s a lot of collaboration. We look a lot at what is available in California and Europe, in terms of windows, to get a glimpse of what is coming here. »


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