Supply chain problems will continue until 2022: Amdamex

The lack of stock in supply chains will continue to influence the commercialization of new vehicles for the state of Mexico, in particular it is expected that the market can reach an advance of 2.4% for this year, after 108 180 light vehicles were sold in 2021, which is a recovery of meant only 5.3%. compared to 2020.

“The year 2021 concludes with the commercialization of 108 180 light vehicles, this figure is not flattering, as the vast majority were in a deep pandemic in 2020, in 2021 although it had signs of recovery at the beginning of the year , quite important, since With the much-cited problem of a semiconductor shortage, it appears that the growth that was in the industry was ultimately marginal, ”the president of the Mexican Association of Motor Dealers in the State of Mexico explained. (Amdamex), Luis Antonio Bolaños Alvarado.

The businessman explained that the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the sector will continue until the second part of this year, so it will depend on the recovery of the supply of automotive materials, such as chips, worldwide, as well as the inflationary movements.

“Stock shortages, mostly in the computer semiconductor market, have left the automotive industry hanging by a thread. We estimate that the uncertainty about product supply and availability will continue until the middle of this year, and even throughout 2022, ”he said.

He pointed out that the semiconductor deficiency the car companies had the vehicles modified and offered without certain accessories, such as accessories, however, the response from consumers was not optimal and therefore the demand did not grow.

“There were brands that eliminated certain gadgets in the vehicles to offer them with flaws in the internal market. The problem of shortages will continue, it implies that there are also brands that are not able to provide their customers in long periods, we have records that it took up to five months, ”he explained.

However, the business leader deepened that the Mexican entity, despite everything, managed to remain in second place in the rankings of buyers from the 32 states, with a participation of 11.3% of just over 1 million units.

Among the municipalities that had the most car buyers in 2021, Naucalpan stands out (with 11 730), followed by Tlalnepantla (10 410), Toluca (8 835), Ecatepec (8 732) and Cuautitlán Izcalli (8 601).

“If we also add all the non-municipal municipalities, this is the region in which the most purchases were made, with 13,462,” he explained.

Bolaños Alvarado explained that the commercialization of light vehicles this year has also enabled a recovery of the economic dump of 900 million pesos for the sector, compared to the year 2020; which also amounts to an increase in contributions to the state by ISAN of 63 million and VAT more than 124 million.

“The impact of the pandemic on the collection of the government of the state of Mexico was a very important point, in 2020 the finances of the state were affected, 2021 was a little better, because of the type of units, there were ‘ better state collection, but I do not think this is the best way to cover your public spending.We are very far from the contribution to the state economy achieved in 2019, which represents a deficit of 25% compared to that years, ”he admitted.

He stated that due to the semiconductor crisis and the current situation, as of May 2021, 33,378 units were no longer sold in the entity (each taking into account an average price of 322,000 pesos), if they were commercialized. there was an invoicing of 10.755 million pesos, meanwhile the government could have received 1.483 million VAT and 752 million IS ‘N.

measures recognized

Bolaños Alvarado exposed The Economist that among the measures that helped prevent a total decline in the sector is the opening of economic activities in times of the pandemic, for which he indicated that it is important that a new closure is not carried out.

He pointed out that within his projections for this year a closure of activities for the Mexico State, as the economy is given a very important role, as well as vaccination.

“From my point of view, we have always considered a possible closure, but as things stand we see it very difficult, especially since the epidemiological traffic light has been implemented, we realize that the government has understood that it was not just necessary to the whole motor sector but all economic activities. Failure to close will be critical to our recovery, ”he said.

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