Supplier of VW and Audi requests intervention of the Ministry of Labor so that automakers pay for contracted services

The Civil Association for Business Development and Defense of the state of Puebla made a call to the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS) to intervene and enforce companies Volkswagen and Audi in the service payment made by the Engineering and Industrial Electrical Infrastructure company.

The legal representative of the organization, Juan Sánchez Dorado, explained that the debt amounts to more than 60 million pesos, product of the work carried out since 2019 in the three plants of the companies, one of VW in Guanajuato and the two in Puebla.

He specified that the work carried out amounted to 6 million 229,177 pesos.

“We have presented to the companies the amounts and works that were carried out, likewise, we have gone to the authorities of both Puebla and the federal level and what they have informed us is that they are trying to dialogue with the companies but that there is still no specific date”.

Despite the change of officials within VW, the case has not been addressed, so they made a call to the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS), in order to process a conflict that affects workers and their families

In this sense, Juan Carlos Mendoza Arellano, an Electrical Industrial Engineering and Infrastructure worker, also joined the civil association’s request for the Ministry of Labor to intervene in order to solve this problem and thus keep his job.

Mendoza Arellano said that he has been working for the automotive industry -VW and Audi- for more than 20 years, however, on June 30, he was unjustifiably fired, along with other colleagues, on the grounds that they could not pay because VW He had not paid for the work done for three years.

“We have sought dialogue with the company, but the response has been the same: he does not pay us because he does not pay VW. We have carried out important works in the German company, such as electrical installations, conduits and power supplies to machines, which have been extended to the Silao motor plant ”, he pointed out.

“As a result of our work, the German assemblers are already working and have even had vehicle production, so we consider that it is possible to advance in a dialogue, but the intervention of the federal labor authority is required,” he said.

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