Supplementary private pensions: towards a revaluation below inflation

Unless there is a last-minute rebound, the supplementary pensions paid to former private sector employees should be revalued by 0.9%, at 1er November. This recommendation was made, Thursday, September 30, by the office of Agirc-Arrco – the body co-piloted by the social partners which manages this type of service. It is now up to the board of directors of the joint institution to decide, at a meeting scheduled for October 7, whether this option should be retained, but experience shows that it complies, in good standing. general, to the recommendations of the office.

An increase of 0.9%, applied over the period from 1er November 2021 to October 31, 2022, means that supplementary pensions are highly susceptible to a loss of purchasing power, with inflation having been above this percentage for several months. This arbitration is justified by the desire to clean up the accounts and preserve the financial reserves of the regime: in 2020, Agirc-Arrco plunged back into the red with an overall result of – 4.1 billion euros, due to of the recession triggered by the Covid-19 epidemic.

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