Sunflower oil does not enter my house, by Imma Sust

It seems that we do not learn. After the craziness of toilet paper, sunflower oil comes into our lives. I don’t want to be bourgeois, but that oil doesn’t fit in my house. We are more of dressing the salad with the extra virgin olive oil that our childhood ‘nani’ brings us. The marine. It arrives every three months, loaded with recycled glass bottles filled with Arandilla oil. The village oil, she calls it. Well, the thing is, at home, a bottle of Marine oil can easily last three months. I do not understand the attack and paranoia with sunflower oil. The other day, while I was wondering why people consume it so much, a Twitter user indignantly posted a photo with the car and the ticket on her shopping list, which according to her went up more than usual. Exactly 126.05 euros. The text that accompanied the photo said: “126 euros. This will blow.”

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Curious as I am, I went in to gossip and investigate your purchase in detail. Chips, crackers, sliced ​​bread, tetra brik broth and a lot of other stuff I don’t even understand. The truth is that we will still hit, but it will not be because of an atomic war, the fault will be processed and poor nutrition. Then I understood about the sunflower oil. People use it for frying! Frozen croquettes, potatoes or tuna dumplings. Is that the panic? Stop eating bad? Well I tell you one thing. If this war helps us to stop buying processed foods and start cooking real food, maybe things improve and we don’t explode. Seriously I tell you. And the girl in the shopping cart would have a couple of tips, to start with. First let her know there is nothing easier and cheaper in life than making homemade chicken broth. And second, to change all the junk food in the car for vegetables, legumes and eggs. There’s no more. That ticket will not go up more than fifty euros and the oil will last three months. You’re welcome.

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