Summit to examine issues in sport of hockey underway in Halifax

A summit to examine issues that include diversity, inclusion, and racism in hockey is now underway in downtown Halifax.

Players, coaches, parents and administrators are attending the event in an attempt to bring positive change to the sport by having difficult conversations.

Organizers know the social problems in hockey will not go away overnight, but this summit could help speed up the changes they hope to see implemented in hockey in the future.

“Every year it is better than it was before, even though it’s not going fast, it’s better slow than never,” said former NHL player Georges Laraque.

“That’s why the more groups we do like this, hopefully there is less and less incidents that will happen and the generation of tomorrow, their parents won’t be afraid to put their kids into sports knowing that there is a safer environment for them. ”

The two-day Halifax Hockey Summit concludes Saturday afternoon.

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