‘Succession’: the 10 most epic moments of the third season

  • After the third round of the HBO Max series ended this Monday, we recover a dozen situations that perfectly summarize the greatness (especially the misery) of the Roy family (Attention, it contains ‘numerous spoilers’)

The third season of ‘Succession’ has lowered the curtain this Monday, December 13, leaving for the memory dozens of situations and dialogues that are already living history of television. Moments between the hurtful and the hilarious that have perfectly summed up the greatness (especially the misery) of the dysfunctional Roy family and their ruthless struggles of ego and power. We chose here 10 milestones, although there could be many more, of the third season of this great tragicomedy of the most intolerable cruelty (Attention, this text contains ‘spoilers’).

“Death to the patriarchy!”

Kendall will start the season being very confident of his chances when it comes to winning the battle against his father. Although he does not have the support of his brothers, he will hire the best lawyer and the best cabinet to establish himself in the media, and he will play with his surroundings to “bad tweet, good tweet” before entering a party and shouting in front of the spotlights his already famous “die the patriarchy!” (“Fuck the patriarchy!”). A punk message that connects perfectly with the end of this third episode, when he sabotaged the appointment of his sister Shiv by playing Nirvana’s ‘Rape me’ through giant speakers, precisely when it refers to sexual abuse in Cruises.

Logan’s urine infection

It is not the first time that the health of the family patriarch has been questioned (with good reason) and, although he always manages to recover, Logan will go through some delicate moments this season, beginning after his first encounter with Kendall on the private island. from the investor who plays Adrien Brody. In the fifth chapter, before the Waystar-Royco shareholders meeting, Logan will begin to feel ill and compulsively go to the bathroom “until he loses his mind” (in Tom’s words). He will begin to rave and his entire cabinet will be put on alert because of the decisions he had made in the last hours. “We don’t know when the pis & rdquor; thing got him crazy,” says Roman. “I suspect you’ve had dementia for a few hours,” Tom responds.

Democracy according to the Republican Party

Or the stark evidence that the presidency of the United States is decided not only at the ballot box, but also circles of power gathered in luxurious hotel suites. The series takes us to a meeting of the Republican party in which a possible candidate for the presidency of the country must be chosen. Although, in reality, it is more about Logan Roy choosing his favorite, who will be flown to the White House from the ATN network. Finally, and after a fiery family debate, the one chosen by Logan will be Jeryd Mencken, a provocative and charismatic white supremacist admirer of fascist regimes, including Franco’s. “It will not be the Third Reich, but I am concerned that we will end up in a Russian-Berlusconian-Brazilian orgy,” a Shiv horrified by the election will claim, unsuccessfully.

The most pathetic birthday

Episode 7: Kendall turns 40 and for that she organizes The Big Party. “This is going to be epic,” he exclaims after singing Billy Joel’s ‘Honesty’ and preparing to fly on a harness. The party, predictably, will turn out to be a disaster, a poignant journey deep into Kendall’s fears and insecurities, the climax of which will be her pathetic attempt to find her children’s gifts among hundreds of boxes. The first-born will end up sunk on the balcony of his house, wrapped in a child’s bed cover, hugging his girlfriend Naomi and staring into infinity, rather into space.

Tom allowed himself to be dragged as a scapegoat for the company being aware that he could go to jail, something that has tortured him throughout all the chapters before the impassive gaze of his wife. At the beginning of episode 7, he will receive the news that the prosecution will not take legal action against him, and although he tries to appear calm in front of the directive, the first thing he will do after leaving the meeting, is to go to Greg’s seedy office and, before his astonished gaze destroy everything. It is one of the great moments that Matthew Macfadyen gives us, able to go from the most physical catharsis to the deepest emotion in the blink of an eye.

Episode 8 is perhaps the mother of all ‘Succession’ episodes: that Shakespearean family trip to Tuscany to celebrate his mother’s wedding to a posh English hustler. After having a very tough conversation with his absent mother about women who are not fit to be mothers, Shiv returns to Tom’s room with the purpose of making a baby, only to prove that his mother is wrong. However, during the preliminary acts she will humiliate her husband by telling him that he is not enough for her and that she does not love him. The next day, Shiv will propose to freeze embryos. And the conversation will not be what is called too romantic. “Embryos last ten years & rdquor ;, but of course, there are many variants that she will list: that one dies, that they go into a coma, that they divorce & mldr; “If we change our minds later, they will destroy them & rdquor ;. “Baby polo shirts, honey?”

The trip to Tuscany, precisely, already started on the wrong foot for Kendall when her mother informed her that she would have limited access to festive activities at the request of her father. Then would come the final fall into the abysses of nowhere: dinner with his father to acknowledge that he has lost the war and that he is leaving the company and the family. In a gesture of extreme vileness, old Logan will have his grandson, Iverson, come out to taste the mozzarella that has just been served. “Who do you take me for? Do you think I want you dead? & Rdquor;, says Kendall, before being brutally beaten, once again, by a father who will remind him that he will never be able to escape from the family and its ghosts.

Roman’s ‘photococks’

It has always been hinted that Roman suffers from an Oedipus complex, and perhaps for that reason we have naturally assumed that he was attracted to Gerri and her “million years.” Over the seasons, the youngest of the clan has tried to seduce her without much Luckily, until his spicy messages on his mobile phone have changed this season to slightly more explicit images of a sexual nature. Just when Roman seems to have taken the reins of the company and feels more powerful, he will send his father by mistake a photo of its member addressed to Gerri. “Do you know what a ‘photo cock’ is, Dad? & rdquor ;.” That word was probably made up by us, son & rdquor ;.

Empathy with emotional clumsiness

After literally hitting rock bottom at the end of Episode 8, Kendall ends up falling apart before his brothers Shiv and Roman just as old man Logan is about to sell the company to Go-Jo. In the midst of commercial distress, Kendall breaks down emotionally and confesses to the death of the young waiter at Shiv’s wedding. In the back of the Tuscan mansion where his mother just got married, and among garbage cans, all the empathy, emotion and affection will suddenly emerge, awkwardly, because it cannot be otherwise, all the empathy, emotion and affection -or what the young Roys mean by it – hidden under multiple layers in their hearts of stone.

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“Panda of morons!”

Seeing the wolf’s ears, that is, running the risk of staying with one hand in front and the other behind (which is a saying, in the case of people as rich as the Roys), Kendall, Shiv and Roman try to prevent father from selling the company to Go-Jo. The result of their alliance is the realization that Logan is a monster of a cyclopean dimension capable of sending his children to take the winds to the terrifying hurricane cry of “Go fuck your ass (‘fuck off’!), Gang of subnormals ! & rdquor ;. It is not rhetorical: it is what this soulless man thinks. Because, as Greg says in this last episode of the season, “the soul is boring.”


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