Succession, lit the bonfire of vanities

A presidential comment was enough to stoke the bonfire of vanities that is the race for the succession encouraged by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who skillfully manipulates political, informed and published opinions.

In reality, it is just a semantic twist that Morena’s presidential candidacy will be decided by a poll, because no one, not even within the official party, doubts that the president will decide.

Meanwhile, the president observes who could include the party’s polls and then he will paraphrase Don Adolfo Ruiz Cortines, who on returning from a trip said urbi et orbi: “they tell me that the party has already chosen its candidate.”

Covid-19, only Alcocer thinks about the fourth wave

Acclimatized in the new headquarters of the SSA in Acapulco, its owner, Dr. Jorge Alcocer, denied the malicious version of his resignation, declared that “there are indications of a fourth wave of Covid 19”.

The government of the Republic is busy spreading its messages from the, they say, progressive Trilateral Summit in Washington and the already overwhelming optimism that “we have come out of the darkness,” nor is there any visible official reaction.

After the bitter experiences of 292,000 people who died from Covid-19, we hope they know how to take advantage of them in something more than provocations by the controversial doctor Hugo López-Gatell, responsible for the antipandemic strategy.

Neglect of the past Tula tragedy?

Conagua’s report on the Tula flood recognizes that there were no atypical rains in the Hidalgo municipality, but rather an extraordinary drain of the CDMX drainage, which caused the tragedy.

It was said that the Tula River overflowed because no complementary works were done to the CDMX drain, which, for a change, seems to point to the negligence of previous governments, which will be known after the investigation of the FGR.

The crucial questions will be: did you know that without these complementary works the river would overflow its banks? Did someone check in the delivery-reception of Conagua what works were pending? Perhaps they wisely conclude that it is time, not Conagua, to blame.

Swirling notes

It is clarified that General Félix Galván turned off the political concerns of young colonels 40 years ago, not 30 as was said here yesterday, November 22, Errare humanum est, although the kind reader will say, and he will be right, that yes, but it is not necessary abuse … The coordinator of the Senators of Morena, Ricardo Monreal, accuses the Supreme Court of Justice of luxuries and waste. Paris is well worth a mass, said some Gallic monarch … Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard plays all the bases in the battle against arms manufacturers at the UN, a battle that they consider important to give, regardless of the results … The normalistas of Guerrero they have no interests in gender issues, since they are already marching against the state government headed by Evelyn Salgado, who is being reached by the realities of the entity … In Tlaquepaque, Morena will have to paraphrase Don Quixote for that of “with the Church we ran into ”… George Orwell shared this reflection:“ freedom of expression is saying what people do not want to hear ”…

Jose Fonseca

Political Journalist

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