Succession, between the legs of the horses

In sin, the president has carried out penance for assuming that, unlike his predecessors, the process of electing his successor could be brought forward almost two years and his political strength would be enough to placate ambitions unleashed by the human condition.

Realistic, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has been forced to launch a powerful control operation, because the interference of no one, not even Senator Ricardo Monreal, in an exclusive process of the president is unthinkable.

Despite the importance of the leader of the Morenoite majority in the Senate, the president makes it clear to all of Morena, and his opponents, what the Cristero rebels learned the hard way: the high cost of getting between the horses’ legs.

Is Bucareli already something more than an interlocutor?

The tasks of dialogue and interlocution with figures from the government, from the official party, assigned by the president to the Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López, begin to create the image of a reliable interlocutor.

That reliability, whoever it is, has made the tenants of the Covián Palace in Bucareli important characters in all the succession processes of the last century.

If the Tabascan Adán Augusto López does not make a major mistake, if the confrontation were to poison and complicate the succession in 2023, he could be seen as what the remembered friend Gustavo Mora called “the substitute goalkeeper.” All deja vu.

What if the air changes in Washington?

Until now, despite lukewarm demands from opposition politicians in Washington, the White House prefers that a democratically elected government like Mexico’s and not Cuba be the beacon of reference for the left.

But for the second time in sixty years, American democracy seems ready to bring to the brink of suicide the Nation that, whatever they say, devised representative democracy.

Professionals create scenarios of the future, one wonders if anyone in the Palace contemplates one in which a political crisis changes, even temporarily, the air in Washington, an air that is openly hostile even to the democratic left.

swirl notes

Shameful errata: yesterday, January 12, in this space reference was made to publications in El Heraldo de México, from 1902! And not from 1992. Imagine, that would make the person writing this almost the grandfather of Luis Echeverría! A thousand pardons for the gaffé… Very clear explanation by Luis Miguel González, editorial director of El Economista on the Citibanamex case, recommends not to speculate and suggests waiting if the government encourages a Mexican group to regain control of the oldest bank in Mexico … In credit to Zoé Robledo, general director of the IMSS, it must be recognized that she deals with the difficult task of attending, suddenly, with all the general and specialty queries that have been forcibly postponed by the pandemic… Really? A driver runs over a policeman, drags him on the hood, the policeman shoots him and now the prosecution consigns and demonizes him. Damn, every day it is more difficult to be a police officer in this CDMX with so many rights for citizens and so few guarantees for agents…

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