Success of the dialogue table

At the time I write this column, the dialogue table has not yet met, but I can confirm its first success: its existence has been naturalized. The gossip about the assistants, the internal disputes of the independence movement and the uncertainty regarding the presence of Pedro Sanchez they have diluted the fundamental question: why is it necessary to create a para-institutional forum whose cast, furthermore, affects the invisibility of half of Catalonia?

They accuse those who oppose the formation of the table of opposing the dialogue and of insisting on the formulas that led to the conflict. As if the process I would not have certified the failure of the policy of cessions and appeasement that the different governments of Spain have practiced for 40 years. The only thing that so far has proven effective in placating the nationalist roll has been the law. Yes Roger Torrent did not dare to be Carme Forcadell It is not because the dialogue was open, but because Forcadell was in prison.

It goes without saying that jail should be the last resort of the rule of law to protect itself from aggression. And I agree that the need for judicial intervention (the famous judicialization) is produced by the failure of politics. But when the only policy practiced is surrender, prosecution is inevitable. The State cannot allow to give in judicial headquarters what is given away in political headquarters.

The Executive and Legislative powers have become accustomed to leaving the Judiciary alone in the defense of the rule of law in an irresponsible and institutionally unfair exercise. Because every session of dialogue it causes a leak whose spillage the judges end up shrinking.

The Government uses the term dialogue as a synonym of yielding without demanding anything in return. Nationalism does not even commit itself to comply with the law, much less to cultivate an inclusive and respectful coexistence in Catalonia with its diversity.

When the dialogue table is concluded, the Catalan media ecosystem will remain unchanged, with public televisions and radio stations sowing hatred against non-nationalists. They will continue to fine those who label their business in Spanish and the linguistic rights of thousands of students will continue to be violated. Language barriers will increase, already insurmountable for the majority of Spaniards. Doctors, judges and many other professionals will leave, victims of a nationalism that is not worried about expelling talent while Spaniards are expelled. The year will end without the president having explained the extent of Russian interference at the time of greatest weakness in our country.

There is no merit in calming a child by giving him what he asks for. But the Government will sell its table as a success, while the violations of rights and the fine rain of hatred are fed on that half of Catalonia that no one sits at their table.

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