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Medway High School officials are expressing disappointment amid a volatile week in which at least three fights involving students have broken out along with an unsubstantiated online threat against the Middlesex Center school.

Provincial police are investigating the fights that occurred Tuesday and Wednesday involving a total of at least five male students and three female students, according to a letter sent to parents Wednesday by the Medway principal.

“The school and the police have investigated all these cases, and the parents and guardians of the persons involved have been contacted and consequences have been imposed or are yet to come,” says Greg Howard’s letter.

Howard added that on Tuesday night, school staff were notified of a non-school-related threat that a student posted on social media. Police investigated and did not identify any threats to the students or public safety, he said.

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Several unspecified rumors on social media were also investigated and found to be unfounded, Howard says.

In his letter, Howard says that some of the incidents were recorded and shared on social media, causing anxiety among students and parents.

“As principal, I addressed the student body through an announcement near the end of the day to clarify these events and reassure students and staff about their safety,” he writes.

“We have received great support from parents and community members, including students submitting names and videos to help the office hold those involved in these incidents accountable.”

School officials, he said, will hold those involved accountable for their actions and “will continue to address any concerns as they arise.”

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Those who wish to report information and concerns anonymously can do so through the Thames Valley District School Board websiteSays Howard.

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Provincial police provided few details in a short press release Thursday, saying they were called to the school around 1:48 p.m. Tuesday for an altercation that occurred off school property. In his letter, Howard claims that a fight occurred in the vicinity of Weldon Park.

Officers returned to the school around 8:20 a.m. Wednesday to follow up and responded to another altercation, police said.

Global News reached out to OPP for more information, but received no response at the time of publication.

The police ask anyone with information to contact them or Crime Stoppers.

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