Strong suspicions that there were playful target practice during breaks on Baldwin’s shoot

  • ‘The Wrap’ and ‘TMZ’ have reported that members of the ‘Rust’ team used guns as a hobby

  • Police have found scattered ammunition and shells at the Bonanza Creek Ranch

A thesis Start to gain strength to explain how the fatal accident on the set of ‘Rust’ in New Mexico could have happened last Thursday in which he died from a fortuitous shot fired by Alec Baldwin the director of photography Halyna Hutchins: that in the breaks of that filming, members of the technical team performed as a hobby shooting practice with the weapons that were used in the filming. This is how the web published it on the weekend TMZ and on Monday the online publication specialized in cinema The Wrap, citing in both cases anonymous team sources of the movie.

The pastime, which in English is called ‘plinking’, is not uncommon on some shoots, Sharon Waxman, founder and CEO of ‘The Wrap’ explained Monday on CNN. “Sometimes they go to rural areas and shoot beer cans, with live ammunition. And we have known that The morning of the day Hutchins was killed passed& rdquor ;, Waxman said on the network.

Loose bullets and shells

The theory also fits with information that yields a Inventory made by the authorities of material collected in the rancho Bonanza Creek after executing a search warrant there. Among the 29 objects seized are three black revolvers and two boxes of ammunition, but the list presented in a court in Santa Fe County also reports that it was found. ammo in a fanny pack and drop into trays. They also located at least nine caps.

Although the official documentation does not specify what type of ammunition it was -if live bullets, blank bullets, training bullets or of various types-, veteran gunsmith Mike Tristano told ‘The New York Times’ that “the fact that scattered ammunition and casings raises questions about the organization of the & rdquor; weapons department.

The possibility of recreational target practice during breaks from filming might explain how the gun that was handed to Baldwin and the fatal shot came to be loaded, but it would point even more clearly to the violations of security protocols filming the low-budget western, where there had already been at least two incidents of accidental discharge of weapons before last Thursday’s fatal accident.

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Halls, fired in 2019 from another shoot

Although much of the focus of these possible irregularities turns to Hannah Gutiérrez, the young 24-year-old gunsmith for whom ‘Rust’ was only her second feature film, the most intense scrutiny is turned towards Dave Halls, the assistant director who delivered the revolver to Baldwin and said “cold gun & rdquor ;, the phrase that in movie jargon indicates that the gun is unloaded, and that it is indicated by its laxity in previous shootings with safety regulations. On Monday it became known that in 2019 Halls was fired from filming the movie ‘Freedom’s Path’ precisely after unexpectedly fire a gun, an incident in which a sound technician suffered a mild internal ear injury.

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