Strike on the Barcelona Tourist Bus from December 28 to 30

  • The staff of informants, hired by MagmaCultura, is called on strike to denounce the “precariousness” and “sloppiness” in the service

Threat of strike at Barcelona Tourist Bus during this Christmas campaign. The template 83 information workers, outsourced to the MagmaCultura company since 2011, is summoned by the works council from the December 28-30 to denounce the “precariousness” and “sloppiness” in the service. Although the Tourist Bus drivers are TMB employees, the rest of the personnel in charge of ticket sales, control and management of audio guides, customer service and control of the entry and exit of tourists is in charge of the staff of MagmaCultura.

From the union they denounce that the company maintains a partial erte that affects the workers in an “unjustified” way, since they consider that tourism and the flow of foreign visitors is sufficiently reactivated to require back all employees. “The volume of passage is similar to a low season before the pandemic,” they tell from the CGT.

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Among the workforce there is a special discomfort with the situation of the erte, since this month of December part of the workers have not received their benefit due to the arrears in the payments of the SEPE that thousands of workers have suffered in Catalonia. And the CGT sources also denounce that those who have received their benefit have not done so for the correct amounts, since they allege that the company does not reliably communicate the actual hours of work. This implies that the SEPE calculates the benefit based on a reduction that is not correct.

On December 23, the company and unions are summoned to a mediation in the Department of Treball to try to reach an agreement that defuses the conflict. The maintenance of the erte is the main demand of the plant, but not the only one. They also claim to end an inheritance from the last subrogation, which introduces a double salary scale between new and old workers that would imply a difference of about 1,400 euros a year in unpaid overtime, since part of the workforce is with a contract 37 hours per week and another part with 40 hours.

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