Stretch transparency of the guest in health

On a scale of 100 to 100, whereas zero is “zero transparency” and 100 is “completely transparent”, the national commemoration of the 32 federal states of the country on the financial information that public guests have made in the matter of health 51.78 points.

“The premium obtained was reduced by 2021 in 0.58 points, a situation that showed the increase in the number of years and the lack of interest in the sector, mainly attributed to the change of priorities provoked by the sanitary crisis, summed up in desgaste de la cada vez más larga situa de emergencia ”, cita el Indice de Transparencia del Gasto en Salud de las Entidades Federativas (ITGSEF) 2022, elaborado por argional.

In 2020 and 2021 the national award is placed at 50.23 and 52.36 points, respectively.

The 51.78-point reprocessing award reflects the accuracy of the information presented on the official portals of the salute of the federal entities, in the matter of the handling of public appeals. It states, in the initials that it receives and presupposes that it owns, the comparisons that realize the public works financed with its presumption, the financial reports of advances, regarding the mechanisms of evaluation of results and the historical information available to the consul interested ”.

State situation

Respect for the “transparent entities” classification, with a score higher than 80, is Guanajuato (98.15 points), Hidalgo (97.85), Sinaloa (94.30), Quintana Roo (86.90) and Jalisco (86.34).

Dichos states, according to the index “is characterized by maintaining high standards in the presentation of tax and financial information, effectively complements the ownership of proactive transparency through the presentation of documents and documents, as well as the presentation the resources of the Fund for Support for the Health Services (FASSA) ”.

Only the entities increase the level of “sufficient transparency”, with more than 60 and less than 80 points: Tlaxcala (79.90) and Zacatecas (68.80).

The majority of federal entities, 25, classified as “deficient transparency”, by a margin of 60 points; between these Chapas and San Luis Potosí, which occupy the last two places, with 25.38 and 22.95 points, respectively.

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