‘Stranger Things’ will start its fourth season on Netflix with a time jump

Although the first trailer for the fourth season of Stranger Things launched in February 2020, production stalled due to the pandemic, eventually pushing back the release date. Now Netflix has released a new trailer that reveals that the delivery will start with a time jump.

Season 3 suggested that Eleven he has lost his powers, and it is also known that in the new episodes Hopper is being held in Russia. Also, the Byers family and Eleven leave Hawkins to move to California. In the preview, Eleven is heard writing a letter to Mike. “Dear Mike. Today is the 185th day. I think I finally settled in. I even like school. I made a lot of friends. Still, I’m ready for spring break. Especially because I will be able to see you. It will be the best spring break. of history, “he says. If Eleven’s letter to Mike is written at the beginning of Season 4, which takes place in the spring of 1986, this means that it will kick off almost six months after the end of Season 3.

Everything indicates that the delivery will also show a series of flashbacks, and the previous trailer already revealed that the series would refer to Creel House in 1950. Another of these scenes will show the captivity of Hopper in Russia, in addition to explaining how he managed to escape death at the end of season 3.

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This temporary jump would also help to justify the appearance of the young protagonists, who will be older than initially expected due to the delay due to the pandemic. While this is not a problem for adult characters like Jim Hopper, the six-month jump will justify the appearance of Noah Schnapp (Will Byers), Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler) y Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven).

Season 4 of Stranger Things is coming to Netflix in summer 2022.


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