STPS calls on companies and unions to respect the decision of the workers

On a work tour of Baja California Sur, one of the 11 states that will implement the new labor model starting in October of this year, the Secretary of Labor, Luisa Maria Mayor Lujantold businessmen and union leaders that it is necessary to adapt to the new reality, where the decision of the workers is respected.

It is about, he said, that there be free elections “if they want to unionize, that if they want to belong to one or another union, that the personal, free, direct and secret vote is respected, that collective bargaining is not imposed, it is the product of the collective will and that we open ourselves to a new world of different labor relations, where freedom and democracy are the axis of the world of work”.

Said As of October 3, all new conflicts will go to the Conciliation Centerswaiting for a conciliation, where 8 out of 10 can be resolved there in less than 45 days.

At a press conference, Mayor Luján said that the reform in terms of subcontracting made great progress in this federal entity, especially in the tourism sector, which was where there was a greater presence.

He acknowledged that progress was made in the payment of utilities, but “not yet as we have wanted, but we have advanced to recover this historically exhausted right.”

He stressed that the Federal Labor Center already operates in the entity and as of October, the change will imply the closure of the Conciliation and Arbitration Boards (JFCA) and the opening of the State Center for Conciliation and Labor Registration, as well as the Labor Court, instrumentation that has proven its success in the 21 states where the new system already operates and 75% of all matters are reconciled in a maximum of 45 days.

Luisa Alcalde recognized that in the past labor rights were violated every day, hence the need for a new justice system, which also promotes union freedom and democracy, to strengthen union organizations as true labor representatives, and provides the opportunity to rescue collective bargaining to improve the conditions of workers.

In his participation, Governor Víctor Manuel Castro Cosío affirmed that the new labor model allows ending the unjustifiable lengthening of labor lawsuits, with mechanisms that delay justice.

He mentioned as an example the case of the Los Arcos hotel, which has been on strike for two decades, a story of how justice is inexplicably delayed, but now, he assured, the new model will help end labor disputes in peremptory terms.


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