Still unvaccinated, 14.8 million people of legal age in Mexico

Until yesterday in the country it was estimated that there were 14 million 876,786 people aged 18 and over who had not been inoculated against Covid-19, according to data from the federal Ministry of Health (SSA).

According to the technical report, as of October 31, in the national territory 74 million 607,721 people of legal age had received one or two doses of the biologicals that Mexico acquired for the population, out of an estimated universe of 89 million 484,507 people who, According to the projections of the National Population Council (Conapo), there were in the country until the middle of this year.

In detail, data from the SSA indicate that 60 million 565,545 people have the complete vaccination scheme against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is equivalent to 68% of the total target population aged 18 and over.


According to official data, the entities in the southeast of the country are the most lagging behind in terms of vaccination coverage.

Until yesterday, Chiapas and Oaxaca had the lowest percentage of vaccination coverage with 60 and 69%, respectively.

While between the range of 70 to 79% there were seven entities: Colima (76%); Guerrero (70%); Jalisco (75%); Michoacán (77%); Morelos (79%); Nayarit (77%) and Veracruz (72%).

In turn, in the range of greatest advance, that is, between 80 and up to 99% of its population with at least one dose of the vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 were Aguascalientes (82%); Baja California (87%); Baja California Sur (90%); Campeche (83%); Chihuahua (82%); CDMX (99%).

As well as Coahuila (82%); Durango (81%); Edomex (89%); Guanajuato (87%); Hidalgo (88%); Nuevo León (86%); Puebla (87%); Querétaro (94%); Quintana Roo (96%); San Luis Potosí (93%); Sinaloa (89%); Sonora (81%); Tabasco (84%); Tamaulipas (84%); Tlaxcala (83%); Yucatán (86%) and Zacatecas (87%).

In total, Mexico has received 153 million 280,045 doses of the vaccines from Pfizer (35.3 million doses) AstraZeneca (62.7 million), SinoVac (20 million), Sputnik V (19.1 million), Cansino (11.1 million), Janssen (1.3 million) and Moderna (3.5 million).

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