Steve Lévesque’s lawyer attacks the quality of Mario Lafontaine’s testimony

Maître L’Écuyer is the first to plead since his client gave testimony during the trial.

He began his argument by reminding the members of the jury that they do not have to choose between the version of the facts offered by Mario Lafontaine and that offered by Steve Lévesque. Maître L’Écuyer pointed out that it is rather up to the Crown to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that his client committed second degree murder. He also told the jury that he should not judge Steve Lévesque based on his lifestyle.

Earlier in the trial, Mario Lafontaine said he saw the accused shoot Maxime Dugas-Lepage with a firearm at his home in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts on the evening of January 20, 2020.

For his part, Steve Lévesque explained that it would rather be the victim who would have taken out a firearm and who would have pointed it at him. The accused said that he would have tried to disarm Maxime Dugas-Lepage and that it was while the two men would have struggled that the shot that would have killed the victim would have been fired.

His attorney told the jury that although his client caused the death, he must be acquitted.

In his argument, Pierre L’Écuyer described Mario Lafontaine at length as a liar and a fraudster, pointing out the omissions and contradictions in his testimony and statements made to the police.

I submit to you that he did not even see what happened. He was drunk and frozen like a bulletsaid Steve Lévesque’s lawyer about Mario Lafontaine.

Maître L’Écuyer also reminded the jury that Mr. Lafontaine himself said in court that he had defrauded one of his former employers.

Steve Lévesque’s lawyer also pointed out that Mr. Lafontaine was taking a long time to answer certain questions, when he was cross-examined in court, and that this would mean that this witness would be lying.

Pierre L’Écuyer also underlined the fact that Mario Lafontaine does not face any charges in connection with this case, even if the latter himself admitted to having participated in the cleaning of the scene.

Investigator Steve Girard, who was called to the witness stand during the presentation of the Defense evidence, told the court that Mr. Lafontaine could not be charged, since, according to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms , his own testimony cannot be used to incriminate him.

Steve Lévesque’s lawyer reminded the jury that Mr. Lafontaine was seen on surveillance videos, while he was refueling Steve Lévesque’s vehicle during the period when the victim’s body was allegedly found. in the trunk. Mario Lafontaine allegedly drove the accused’s vehicle from Rimouski to Sainte-Anne-des-Monts on the night of January 20 to 21, 2020.

Another witness also explained to the court that he would have renewed Mario Lafontaine, Carl Lévesque and Maxime Labrie from Rimouski to Sainte-Anne-des-Monts the day after the alleged facts.

Pierre L’Écuyer also underlined the fact that, according to him, the conclusions of the expert in stains and projection, Karine Gibson, who testified at the end of the presentation of the Crown’s evidence, agree better with the version of his client.

The specialist said that the drops of blood suggest that they came from a source located at a low height of the ground. In particular, they would have been thrown in the direction of the refrigerator and the black trash can.

Members of the victim’s family have attended all the proceedings that have been taking place at the Rimouski courthouse for several weeks. Wednesday morning, they calmly listened to the argument of the defendant’s lawyer.

Steve Lévesque listened carefully to his lawyer, maintaining a neutral air and looking at the jury.

The trial is due to resume on Wednesday afternoon with the oral argument of criminal and penal prosecuting lawyer Jérôme Simard.

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