Stephen Curry revolutionizes the game with triples

Stephen Curry became the top triple scorer in NBA history on Tuesday when he surpassed the 2,973 mark set by the retired Ray Allen, however, it is necessary to measure that the Warriors superstar took the record in just 789 games, while Allen hit his 1,300-game mark. Curry’s legacy goes beyond a number, as he revolutionized the way basketball is played.

Everyone, including New York Knicks fans, celebrated the fact that Stephen Curry took the title of ‘King of 3s’ from Ray Allen, who had held it for 10 years, during the Warriors’ victory over New Yorkers at Madison Square Garden.

In his thirteenth season, the 33-year-old holds the all-time record and, weeks earlier, he broke his own record by posting the fewest games to hit the 100 3-pointers in a season, it took him 20 games; he also leads this campaign with 142 triples. In 2015, the Ohio native set the record for most triples in a single season with 402 triples.

“I take pride in shooting a high percentage, I’m proud that it helps us win games. And now I can take pride in the longevity of reaching that number that Ray set and hopefully getting it to a number that no one can reach, ”Curry said after the game.

It took Stephen Curry less time to match Allen’s mark because it’s a different time that maybe he forced himself, “when I got to the league, if I hit a triple, the coach would take me out of the game. So you had to send the ball to the paint, ”explained Allen, who averaged 2.3 3-pointers per game with 40% accuracy, while Curry averaged 3.8 with 43.1% respectively.

The effectiveness that Stephen Curry achieved in the league, generated a paradigm shift in which the three-point shooting stopped being just a resource, to become the cornerstone of the strategies, since it was identified that the greater effectiveness of the triple was it made it more profitable than the traditional medium-distance shot or the game in the center paint.

According to data from the Ritmo NBA account, the maximum number of 3s that Ray Allen attempted in regular season games was 17, while Curry has had 15 games with more than 17 attempts.

“The game and the importance of the 3-pointer has changed and a lot of it has to do with Golden State’s number 30,” said Reggie Miller, third on the list of all-time made 3s, in reference to the new all-time leader.

Upon Curry’s arrival in the league in the 2009-10 season, he was shooting an average of 18.1 triples per game, which by 2014-15, when he won his first ring with the Warriors, had risen to 22.4. Since then the figure has shot up to 35.4 attempts on average this season.

“The game has changed. Now these guys shoot from much further than the line of three, “said this week the German Dirk Nowitzki, one of the best shooting centers in history who retired in 2019. Now, for all the players, including the posts, it is It is essential to have the resource of the distance shot.

The next active player to threaten Curry is James Harden of the Brooklyn Nets, who has 2,509 3-pointers.

Triple: In basketball, a triple or 3-point shot is called a shot at a basket made from behind an elliptical line drawn on the field of play at a distance of 7.24 meters from the vertical of the hoop. The value of the basket scored from that position is 3 points.

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