Steam update brings revamped download menu and storage management tool

Valve is rolling out a major update to its popular Steam PC gaming platform that checks out several important parts of the app.

The biggest changes are the download and storage management pages, which brings a number of improvements, tweaks, and changes. Along with a slightly revamped look, the download page now shows installation progress and download progress.

That should help clarify what Steam is doing with a game and reduce frustrating moments where it seems like Steam finished downloading a game, but users still can’t click play.

Additionally, Steam users can now reorder games in the download queue using drag and drop, and overall the download interface looks a lot less dated.

The ‘View News’ button has been renamed to ‘Patch Notes’, which should give players easier access to information about what’s new in an update, as long as the developers provide that information.

As for the new storage management tool, users can access it by clicking Steam> Settings> Downloads> Steam Library Folders. The tool displays all the controllers with Steam content and a breakdown of what is on the disc. Steam users can quickly sort games by size and select multiple titles to move or uninstall.

While that should cover the bigger changes, it’s worth noting that there is also a tone of small features and updates. For a full breakdown of the changes, see the patch notes on Valve’s Steam blog.

Source: Valve Via: The edge

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