Start analysis of electrical reform

The united commissions of Constitutional Points and Energy of the Chamber of Deputies will carry out today, at 11 o’clock, the discussion and vote of the opinion of the electrical reform initiative presented by the President of the Republic.

It should be noted that the discussion and approval of the project for the reform decree to articles 25, 27 and 28 of the Constitution in electrical matters, will be voted only in general, since previously the boards of directors of the commissions agreed to bring to the plenary, tomorrow Tuesday, the discussion of the reservations, as well as the modification proposals of all the parliamentary groups.

Opposition Proposals

This weekend, during a last-minute meeting, the Political Coordination Board (JCP) received the proposal for modifications to the preliminary draft of the electricity reform by Morena and its allies (PT and PVEM), which includes nine of the 12 proposals put forward by the Va por México alliance (PAN, PRI and PRD).

The meeting, convened by the president of the JCP, Rubén Moreira Valdez, was attended by the parliamentary leaders of Morena, PRI, PVEM, MC, and via digital, the vice coordinator of the PT.

While the PAN and PRD declined to attend the “extraordinary” meeting, requested by Morena and allies, arguing that it was unfounded.

Deputy Jorge Romero Herrera, coordinator of the PAN Parliamentary Group, declined to attend the extraordinary meeting after assuring that that day was nothing more than a deception by Morena, a vain and absurd attempt to use Jucopo in his favor, which It lacks validity since the new proposals would have to be suggested through the Commissions and not in this governing body.

Likewise, he said that the presentation of the new proposal by Morena, PVEM and PT is a simulation because they are not modifying what essentially affects Mexicans.

“What they are really looking for is to make people believe that they are being open and that they are taking into account the Va por México proposal by integrating 9 of 12 points, however, they do not present a fundamental change that benefits Mexican families.”

He added that the draft opinion does not take into account the opinion of the experts, who for 45 days were exposing in forums the damage that the electrical reform will cause.

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