Star Trek | William Shatner open to reprising his role as Captain Kirk

(Toronto) At 93, William Shatner is ready to step into the unknown again.

The Montreal-born actor says he is open to donning the clothes of Captain Kirk again in yet another version of Star Trekif it is reasonably possible to make it appear again.

“The idea is intriguing,” admits Mr. Shatner. It’s almost impossible, but it was a great role, so well written. And if there’s a good reason to revive it, not just for a quick run through, I’ll consider doing it. »

The man who recently became a spokesperson for a company specializing in rejuvenating digital effects even suggested he could play a younger spaceship captain Enterprise.

“A company that wants to put my body and brain in cryogenic sleep would be a way to bring me back,” he imagines. So we froze Captain Kirk’s brain. This is the scenario. Let’s see if we can add a little salt, a little pepper. And wham ! This is Captain Kirk! »

The last time William Shatner starred in the famous franchise was in 1994, in Star Trek Generationsa film in which Captain Kirk was killed.

“Leave a little truth”

William Shatner is on a tour promoting a new biographical documentary about his personal journey, which will be available on video on demand starting Tuesday.

You Can Call Me Bill, directed by Alexandre O. Philippe, allows you to rewatch scenes from the famous Cosmos Patrolbut also other TV series that Shatner starred in, like Justice in Boston And Hooker. The film also tells the actor’s journey into space aboard the Blue Origin company’s space vehicle in 2021. The film also allows us to hear the actor’s thoughts on life, death and nature.


William Shatner at Montreal Comiccon, 2016

“Several people have come to me and asked me to make a biographical film over the years,” says the actor. I always refused. A biographical film somehow signifies the end. Cut! We die. »

But the idea of ​​producing the film using crowdfunding made him change his mind.

Legion M, the production house, sells shares to the public. If the film generates profits, a portion is returned to the shareholders. In four days, the campaign for You Can Call Me Bill raised US$750,000.

The actor also wanted to “leave a little truth about him” to his children and grandchildren. He says he learned a lot about himself while making the film. “But I don’t know what the expression ‘know thyself’ means. »

William Shatner doesn’t believe he has much wisdom to share.

“When you get old, you get wiser: it’s a myth that is not based on any reality. If you are an imbecile when you are young, you remain an imbecile when you are old. We’re just a stupid old man. »

Time does not give us wisdom. Time makes us realize how life passes quickly. That’s for sure.

William Shatner

But William Shatner, despite the few years he probably has left to live, does not intend to remain inactive. He will soon release a children’s album, Where Will The Animals Sleep? Songs For Kids & Other Living Thingsand will take part in a cruise to the Antarctic in December with astronaut Scott Kelly and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

“Life is so short, you have to do something in the moment. You have to go to this place, meet this person, read this book. NOW ! This is what old age teaches us. And when we understand it, we die. We have no more time, we are dead. »


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