“Star Académie”: Eloi, Krystel, Camélia and Olivier in the semi-finals

Public choice, Eloi Cummings reaches the semi-final of “Star Academy”, like Krystel Mongeau, who was protected by the teachers on Sunday. They will find Camélia and Olivier who will also have to defend themselves, during the next Variété, before reaching the final stage.

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Following the large number of special requests with songs by Celine Dion, the production decided to create a number featuring her great classics. Brigitte Boisjoli opened the medley with “I would go where you will go”, followed by Mélissa Bédard, replacing Marie-Élaine Thibert, arriving on stage for “It was only a dream”, in duet with Camélia . Véronique Claveau sang “I’m Alive” wonderfully. We then heard “I Drove All Night”, followed by “If it was enough that we love each other”, “Power of Love”. Annie Villeneuve arrived for “All by Myself” in duet with Camélia.

The six Academicians ended the number with “So that you still love me”, in the company of the four divas who came to share the stage with them.


Eloi Cummings had the honor of opening the endangerment sequence with his own composition, “La prée”, a song which recounts a moment of friendship he experienced last summer. Marc Dupré congratulated him for this song which totally resembles him. “I really enjoyed working on this composition,” said Gregory Charles. Eloi is clearly a talented boy. Lately, he’s been working hard and creating hard. Cheer!”

Sarah-Maude Desgagné then appeared on stage to perform a song that was really close to her heart, “The Greatest Love Of All”, by Whitney Houston. “Sarah-Maude, you have chest and heart, analyzed Lara Fabian. That’s what I hear every time you start like it’s the last time you sing. That’s what touches me. I’m really proud of you.”

As he wished, Julien Charbonneau stood out on the song “Give You Blue”, by Allen Stone. The three teachers seemed moved by his performance. “While you were singing, I thought to myself that you don’t know how hard you’re going to have to work out of here to make your incredible talent reach the widest possible audience”, analyzed Gregory, before the director of the Academy tells him he was amazing.

To end, Krystel Mongeau brilliantly sang “Never Enough”. “My beautiful Krystel of love, do you remember when you arrived here, you said that you wanted to discover yourself as an artist, Guylaine Tremblay reminded her. You discovered it in a grand way and you made everyone discover it. I am amazed by your career and your talent.”

soul number

Corneille brought his musicians and choristers for a frenzied number which put sunshine in the studio. With the Academicians, he covered several of his songs such as “Because we come from far away”, “With class”, or even “New world”. On the song “Encre rose”, we were surprised to see Dashny arrive, Academician from the previous season who recorded this duet with Corneille. An elegant number that celebrated the singer’s twenty-year career.

good rock

To celebrate the thirty years of her album “Animal”, France D’Amour was happy to be able to share the stage with the Academicians, she who had been invited to the very first season of the show in 2002.

She notably took over “Animal”, “Vivante”, “Leave me the chance”, without forgetting her great success “I would not go elsewhere”. Olivier and Camélia particularly stood out during this number where the electric guitars let themselves go at full power.

Host and singer

Marc Dupré had a surprise for the Academicians, he wrote a song thinking of them, the title of which is “La famille”. A very beautiful text in which he recounts his attachment to them. They then shelled together the great successes of the animator-singer, from “There in my head” to “If to please you”, passing by “Between two worlds” and “All the love that we give”.

As a gift, Marc Dupré invited the Academicians to come and sing with him, on June 11 at Place des Arts, in Montreal, and on June 18, at the Videotron Center.

Semi final

The director of the Academy indicated the process that will lead to the final. The four Academicians still in the running will all have to sing in the semi-final next Sunday. The votes of the public will be used to designate the first finalist, while the teachers will choose the second finalist for the ultimate Variety. A first in the history of “Star Académie”, because the public has always chosen the two finalists.

Back to the Academy

Returning to the set of “Star Académie” was a special moment for the four singers who participated in the special request on Celine Dion’s songs.

“I was in danger during the first gala in 2002, told Mélissa Bédard. I didn’t even know if I was going to enter the Academy. When René Angélil opened the envelope and said my name, it was the realization of many things for me. Brigitte Boisjoli remembers having had the honor of singing “My Heart Will Go On” with Celine Dion. “I was supposed to sing something else at first, but during rehearsals, the other singer was struggling. The night before, René Angélil called us into his office and offered to replace him the next day. I couldn’t refuse.”

Claude Léveillée greatly impressed Véronique Claveau in 2004. “I was able to sing “Frédéric” with him, and he fell ill a few months later. I was part of his last public performances. He was so touching and reassuring at the same time.” Finally, Annie Villeneuve remembers above all the preparation. “the moment when we discovered what we were going to sing, with whom, all the surprises, that’s what I remember the most. The hours of rehearsal in the studio, I lived for that. I was tripping, I loved putting on the show.

Learning from the dislodged

Academicians have learned a lot over the past few weeks at the Academy. Julien Charbonneau is pleased to have learned to fully assume. “I learned to tame that since the start of the season. I was far from being shy or shy, but I learned to take responsibility for my choices, my words, my messages or even my clothes. It is a huge and a beautiful lesson that I acquired during this experience. For Sarah-Maude, the “Star Académie” adventure has been incredibly rich. “I proved to myself that I had all the abilities to fulfill myself in the music world, I really need to trust myself a lot more. But the best lesson is definitely going to be more forgiving and kind to myself. I need to learn to be gentler and forgive myself more.”

They continue the adventure

Olivier Bergeron, 20, Kedgwick, NB

Camélia Zaki, 17, Sherbrooke

Saved by the public

Eloi Cummings, 16, Magdalen Islands

Saved by the teachers

Krystel Mongeau, 25, Sherbrooke

The daily “Star Académie” is presented, Monday to Thursday, at 7:30 p.m., on TVA.


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