Stand up proudly for your tongue

Like others before you, get up again and again, until the lamb, the French tongue, becomes a lioness; only official language in Quebec… It’s a constant battle here in North America.

Get up until the foundation of this language, Bill 101 that has been dented many times on the altar of the Supreme Court of Canada, is finally respected by everyone in Quebec. And that everyone does so with full respect for other languages; without postures of revenge.

Also, it is not easy to have to defend French as the only official language of Quebec when certain French-speaking scholars themselves, despite being aware of its place and its fragility in America, try, consciously or unconsciously, to prevent its influence in their spheres of activity, in particular in a public institution like the Court of Québec!

Bilingual judges in the RoC

Objectively speaking, French, the majority of the population of the “Rest of Canada” fights the family jewels. The demonstration is well established… All the more reason for you, French speaker, to take special care of it. No one but you will do it for you.

No, don’t let yourself be influenced by this handful of Francophones who try to dissuade you and who, without complex, trivialize the devastating effects of an “accelerating” of the weakening of French in Quebec: the institutionalization of bilingualism within of the Quebec state. Blinkers and denial are their burden. They show you the path that leads straight to the abyss of resignation.

Remember in particular that it is in Quebec that we find the highest proportion of bilingual judges (knowledge of French and English). According to data from the 2016 Statistics Canada census, the proportion of bilingual judges in Quebec was 87.9%, compared to:

  • 61.1% in New Brunswick (two official languages);
  • 40% in Prince Edward Island;
  • 37.3% in Ontario;
  • 33.3% in Newfoundland and Labrador;
  • 30% in Nova Scotia;
  • 29.4% in Alberta;
  • 22.3% in Manitoba;
  • 13.9% in British Columbia;
  • 8% in Saskatchewan

The Quebec State’s principle of exemplarity

The Minister of Justice and responsible for the French language, Simon Jolin-Barrette, had recently tabled a motion in the National Assembly which read in particular as follows:

“Considering that the only official language of Quebec is French; […]

“That the National Assembly affirm that justice is no exception to this important principle and that this in no way implies not respecting the recognized rights of the Quebec English-speaking community;

“Finally, that the National Assembly affirm that the lack of mastery of a language other than the official and common language should not automatically constitute a barrier to access to the office of judge in Quebec. »

This motion was adopted unanimously by the representatives of the people. For the sustainability and influence of French in Quebec, let us hope that, despite the obstacles of the moment, these “wishes” will come true and be applied concretely with the future law 96.

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