Stampeders catcher arrested at airport

Calgary Stampeders wide receiver Brendan Langley was arrested at Newark Airport on Thursday in New Jersey for punching an airline employee.

In a nearly minute-long video circulating on social media, the United Airlines worker slaps the Denver Broncos’ 2017 third-round pick (101st overall) in the face, before the latter replies, leaving his opponent with a bloody face.

The exact reason for the altercation was not revealed in the video, but according to the “Daily Mail”, the Stampeders member used a wheelchair to carry his luggage instead of using a cart.

Langley, however, was the only one arrested in this story, he who faces a charge of common assault.

The employee would not face any charges. He was reportedly fired by his employer and taken to hospital to treat his injuries.

Langley joined the Stampeders in February and is considered a catcher despite playing defensive back most of his career.

“The Calgary Stampeders football club is aware of the charges against Brendan Langley, the Alberta team first reacted in a press release. Our team is conducting its own investigation to understand all the details of the story and will have no further comment until the investigation is complete.”

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