Staff shortages and inflation also affect Mosaïcultures

Like restaurateurs, like merchants, we are affected by the labor shortagereveals Yves Vaillancourt, the exhibition’s chief horticulturist.

The ideal for him would be to have 100 workers. We’re at around 70, 75. It is about to launch an appeal to goodwill.

If people want to try, even if it’s for two weeks, they contact us. It will be our pleasure to welcome them. And if they like it, they can continue with uscontinues Yves Vaillancourt.

Workers wearing hard hats on a scaffold are working on a metal structure.

Currently, horticulturists are filling the mosaiculture structures with soil and potting soil. Planting will begin at the end of the month.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Vincent Pichard

Johanne MacKay, Deputy Director General of Mosaïcultures, assures us. No need to be a seasoned horticulturist. Do you like planting, do you like gardening? Come help us!

Never seen

The event promises to be grandiose, nothing to do with anything that has already been unveiled in the past, in Montreal, Gatineau or elsewhere in the world.

Every time we do an exhibition, we want to improve and do more. The one we bring here is really going to be extraordinary. »

A quote from Johanne MacKay, Deputy Director General of Mosaïcultures Québec 2022

No less than 200 mosaicultures – never before have there been so many – will be presented, 80% of which will be for the first time.

The Earth Mother, the emblematic piece of the Mosaïcultures, will of course occupy a prominent place in the course and it will sport a unique look. Waterfalls will flow from her hair, which was not easy to climb.

A woman with a construction helmet and a fluorescent yellow vest poses in front of a mosaic depicting a woman with her eyes closed and her right hand raised.  Workers in a forklift are working on the structure.

750,000 visitors are expected at Mosaïcultures Québec 2022, says Johanne MacKay, the event’s deputy general manager.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Vincent Pichard

It took us a lot of work to make it smooth. We are in the process of finalizing the waterproofing. We should do the water tests by the end of the week.informs Raymond Brouillard, the consultant and chief sculptor.

In order to mount the structures, he and his team use steel rods. This time, Raymond Brouillard needed to order a ton of them.

Bad surprise, since the pandemic, the cost of raw materials has experienced a serious blow. Prices have risen substantially. We feel it.

A marquee being built in a park.

La Pergola is a mosaic representing the Lieutenant-Governor’s house that once stood in the Bois-de-Coulonge park.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Vincent Pichard

Where to park your car?

Parking spaces at Parc du Bois-de-Coulonge are limited, but several options are available to those who come by car. The organizers have entered into an agreement with iA Financial Group, which has offices in the area.

During the opening hours of Mosaïcultures Québec 2022 (from 10 a.m. until dusk, 7 days a week), visitors can park there for free. iA Financial Group owns two buildings on Grande-Allée and a third on Thornhill Street.

We also have an agreement with Laval University, says Johanne MacKay. Several bus lines connect the university and the venue of the event.

Workers wearing hard hats harnessing themselves in front of a large metal structure in the shape of an arch.

Six million plants from across Quebec will be used for these Mosaïcultures 2022.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Vincent Pichard

The preparations for the Mosaïcultures are going well, and the most impatient can be reassured: Almost everything is readysays Raymond Brouillard. On the horticultural side, things are going well. We are in my timeadds Yves Vaillancourt.

No delays to fear, therefore. It’s going to be beautiful, beautiful! repeats Johanne MacKay.

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