SRE: You cannot stop violence in the country if you do not reduce arms trafficking

The Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard, assured that if the arms traffic from the United States is not reduced, the violence in Mexico will not be able to be reduced.

“If we do not reduce the availability of weapons, it is almost unthinkable, impossible, to reduce violence, that is proven throughout the world. The greater the availability of weapons, you will have a greater number of homicides and more violence, it is logical, more people with weapons, “he said.

The Foreign Minister trusted that Mexico will win the lawsuit it filed against 11 US arms manufacturers since, he said, the arguments are solid for these companies to be ordered to modify their practices that promote the consumption of war products and their illicit trafficking. .

He accused that even these companies finance video games to promote the use of weapons in young people and take away the human dimension of what it means to attack another person.

“That ease of access to weapons (is) negligence of the industry that promotes weapons destined for illicit activities,” he said.

In a morning press conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the Mexican Foreign Minister stressed that it is the first time that a lawsuit filed by a foreign government regarding the arms industry has been admitted in a US Court.

Therefore, the appeal filed on August 4 seeks to hold 11 manufacturing companies responsible for negligence because “they are generating weapons even when they know that they are destined for the market linked to drug trafficking and violence in Mexico, for the type of weapon (…) That is, they know that they are directed at that group, ”he said.

He recalled that the Mexican government has until January 31, 2022 to deliver their arguments to the Court, while the defendant businessmen will have until February 28 to respond again.

“We are going to win this lawsuit. Furthermore, the industry’s assumption was that the Court would not admit it and the Court did.

“Of course, any case, any trial, always has its legal risk, but the arguments that Mexico is presenting are arguments that I believe have, without a doubt, the sympathy of the majority of the population, so we are living in terms of violence. I am referring to Mexico, but also to the United States ”.

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