SRE and Colmex present the book of ambassadors of the United States in Mexico

As part of an analysis of the role played by United States ambassadors to Mexicohistorians, internationalists and diplomats took on the task of compiling turning points where diplomatic representation played a central role in giving shape and direction to the relationship.

The book Ambassadors of the United States in Mexico. Crisis and Opportunity Diplomacy It is made up of 14 essays on the diplomatic management of 17 US ambassadors at key moments (ranging from the beginning of the 19th century to the beginning of the 21st century) that forced a redefinition of the terms of the relationship.

Erika Pani, professor and researcher at The College of Mexico (Colmex), and one of the coordinators of the work, highlighted that they thought of some moments where the bilateral relationship changed, became tense or even broke in order to analyze how the ambassadors contributed to the strengthening or distancing of ties.

He stressed that the compilation of experiences speaks about the history of the relationship, its changes and the importance of the capacity of diplomats.

“The role of ambassadors in the relationship between Mexico and the United States It is something that had not been explored in depth. The analysis allows us to see the importance of the human factor in the bilateral relationship, especially in such a complicated relationship that has enormous asymmetries and differences, but in the end an inevitable relationship”, she expressed in an interview.

Presentation of the book Ambassadors of the United States in Mexico. Diplomacy of Crisis and Opportunities. Photo EE: Courtesy

Participating in the presentation of the book, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrardstressed that it is important to understand the relationship between Mexico and the United States.

“I think it is a great text and more than finishing filling the shelves of Mexico as a specialist in the United States, it opens a new door for us of what we have to study, analyze, perfect and learn regarding our ability to predict with respect to the United States. ”, expressed the chancellor.

He added that regarding current complex issues, “predictability, panels, arbitration systems” are sought with the US government.

“Everything that is not predictable is a disadvantage for us, because of the asymmetry that exists,” he said.

Also participating in the panel was Dr. Silvia Guiorguli, president of The College of Mexico; Ambassador Roberta Lajous, coordinator of the publication; the historian Ariel Rodríguez Kuri and Elizabeth Ferris.


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