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Coeur de pirate probably expressed the feeling of many viewers last Thursday in The twelve labors of Béatrice, a CASA network series in which she restores her chalet. In front of the lens of director Anthony Coveney, the singer and apprentice DIYer declared: “Yet another renovation show? »

The observation of Coeur de pirate resonated loudly, since this spring, we are witnessing the launch of three new productions of the genre: The twelve labors of Béatrice, The big RONA projectwhich lands on Noovo this Monday, And A house signed Janvierwhich we expect in two weeks on Canal Vie.

Daily newspaper run by Marie-Lyne Joncas, The big RONA project comes from an original concept designed by Zone3. We’re talking about a competition judged by expert designer Daniel Corbin and entrepreneur Pierre-Olivier Cantin, in which couples compete to win a new, fully furnished and decorated house worth $700,000.


The big RONA projectwith Marie-Lyne Joncas, designer Daniel Corbin and entrepreneur Pierre-Olivier Cantin

Also produced by Zone3, A house signed Janvier will show (you guessed it) Marie-Ève ​​Janvier in the middle of her renovation work. The singer and host is trying to renovate a property she bought, with the aim of convincing her partner, Jean-François Breau, to move there with their children. Unlike Cœur de pirate, who seems let loose (with her dog Atreyu, her partner Marc Flynn, and Félix, her “manual friend”), Marie-Ève ​​Janvier will be supported by Érik Maillé, a designer well known to Canal Vie fans , and general contractor Joël Boileau.


Marie-Ève ​​Janvier in A house signed Janvier

These titles extend the list of renovation programs already included in the 2023-2024 television calendar, which notably includes Réal arrives, Ideas of grandeur in my backyard, When the walls fall and especially, Sell ​​or renovate in Quebec. A Quebec adaptation of a popular foreign format starring Daniel Corbin and real estate agent Maïka Desnoyers, this series is a great success on Canal Vie.

Among 25-54 year olds, (Sell ​​or renovate in Quebec) has been the number 1 show since 2019, all specialist channels combined.

Mélanie Bhéré, general manager, variety, lifestyle, documentary and digital, at Bell Média Québec

And the picture of renovation shows is far from over. We must also take into account foreign acquisitions dubbed in French (24 hours for a flip, From slum to home, Renovate to Rent with Scott McGillivray…) and all titles from digital platforms, including Deconstructwith Christine Beaulieu, and Passion dustwith Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse, on ICI Tou.tv Extra, and With no planwith Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge and Émily Bégin, on Vrai.

Finally, Quebecor recently announced the start of construction of Sunday handymen, a competition for (you guessed it) amateur renovators. “Renovation is always very popular on CASA,” says Nathalie Fabien, senior director, channels and programming, at Groupe TVA.

A universal theme

In Quebec, the wave of renovation/decoration issues has been sweeping since the emergence, in 2002, of Decorate your life. Produced by Zone3 and broadcast for 16 seasons and 733 episodes on Canal Vie, the transformation magazine helmed by Saskia Thuot inspired the creation of a wide range of titles.

“It’s a theme that can be declined in several genres: docu-reality, competition and magazine,” underlines Corine Trudel, vice-president, development, creation and production, non-fiction, at Zone3. But above all it is a theme that interests everyone, because everyone is renovating, everyone is decorating. »

Same story with Daniel Corbin, who has participated in the development of the genre since Ideas of grandeur, in 2007. “We all have a home: it’s what we have in common. We work in our house, we sleep in our house, we eat in our house, we create family memories in our house…”

“Whether small or large, rented or purchased, luxurious or not… Everyone wants to improve their home,” summarizes the designer.


Launch of Canal Vie programming in 2006, with Manon Leblanc (Manon, you inspire me), Saskia Thuot (Decorate your life), France Arcand and Brigitte Poitras (Bye-bye house)

Post-pandemic upsurge

Renovation issues have never seen a real decline in 20 years. In recent years, we have even observed a resurgence.

According to Nathalie Fabien, from TVA Group, the pandemic has increased the appetite of ordinary people for all programs involving a hammer.

By being stuck at home, people started to find things to improve in their home, like the kitchen counter, the bathroom… They developed a taste for renovations. And with interest rates rising, instead of moving, people prefer to renovate.

Nathalie Fabien, from TVA Group

According to Mélanie Bhéré, of Bell Media, the “human quest” behind these programs explains their popularity. “We identify with people who do renovations, because we have all had this type of experience: the emotions, the money issues, the problems along the way…”


Mélanie Bhéré, general manager, variety, lifestyle, documentary and digital, at Bell Media

And when a star is at the center of such a series, like Marie-Ève ​​Janvier and Cœur de pirate this season, or even Marie-Mai and Julie Snyder recently, the magic seems to work even more. “It makes the stars accessible,” notes Mélanie Bhéré. People are curious to see how they experience it, what their tastes are, etc. »

Far from finished

Given the array of renovation shows currently on the air, can we say that we are approaching saturation point? No, answers Daniel Corbin. According to the designer and owner of D-Cor, an architectural firm, television should present more of it. “There is a lack of TV shows for small budgets. Shows that could show how to recover second and third generation furniture. Circular economy shows. »

We also need shows for the super rich, shows that make people dream. It’s not just in the United States that we find super high-end $8 million condos, there are also some in Quebec.

Designer Daniel Corbin

In other words, new renovation show formats could land on the airwaves in the coming years. Corine Trudel, from Zone3, speaks of a “renewable” genre. The biggest challenge for designers will be to offer even more spectacular transformations (the famous “wow effect”) to surprise an increasingly informed public, since the genre has evolved a lot since Saskia Thuot grabbed her first paintbrush.

“Before, with a lot of shows, it was on the surface. We put a tablet and three plastic plants, and everyone was happy, observes Daniel Corbin. Today, people are more aware. They consult Pinterest, Houzz… They have access to all kinds of images. As a designer, you have to get up early to be able to impress them. »

CASA presents The twelve labors of Béatrice Thursdays at 9 p.m. Noovo broadcasts The big RONA project Monday to Thursday at 7:30 p.m. Canal Vie will present A house signed Janvier starting Tuesday April 16 at 8:30 p.m.

reference: www.lapresse.ca

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