Spring cleanup scheduled to start in Winnipeg

The snow seems to be behind Winnipeg and that means the city can officially transition into spring.

With that, the city is starting to clean up the streets.

“With a crew of roughly 500, our annual spring cleanup operation is a massive undertaking for us,” the city said on its website.

As part of the cleanup, crews will tackle the entire street network, which includes back lanes and sidewalks, and they will be cleaning litter and debris in parks as well.

Crews were scheduled to start the cleanup on Sunday night and it’s expected to take five to six weeks.

For street cleaning, the city said people will have to move their vehicles when crews are in the area, and some streets will feature temporary no parking signs.

People can find out when cleaning will happen on their street with the Know Your Zone app.

“Once the app is updated to the current version, add your address to your favorites and you’ll receive push notifications approximately 24-hours in advance of planned cleanup operations on your street.”

If vehicles are not moved in time, they could be ticketed or towed.

More details can be found on the city’s website.

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