Spotify retrieves Neil Young’s music and responds to Joe Rogan’s conspiracy theories

The ultimate in Neil Young a Spotify, for the platform of streaming choose between your music and the famous and controversial podcaster Joe Rogan, has been converted to an issue in the debate on the digital misinformation and the corporate responsibility of moderates.

This week, the rocker’s prolific expression on the streaming giant that eliminates his music (with 2.4 million followers and more than six million monthly games), while he manages to eliminate Rogan, which program is the most popular on the platform , but it is increasingly accused of vending conspiracy theories.

Rogan, 54 years old, disaconsejó la vacunación en los jóvenes and promote the use not authorized by the antiparasitic pharmacy ivermectina to treat coronavirus.

“I’m sure that the podium will continue to support Spotify’s information that enables the life of the music-loving public,” said Young, a polio sovereign, in an open map.

His challenge is to produce a request from medical professionals that Pedify to Spotify avoids promoting Rogan “Various falsifications about vacancies against Covid-19”, with those who, according to Dijeron, created “a sociological problem of devastating proportions”.

Rogan, who has an exclusive $ 100 million contract for various years with Spotify, prefixes the Spotify decision.

These miracles, Young’s excitements, including “Heart of Gold”, “Harvest Moon” and “Rockin ‘” In The Free World “, will begin to disappear from the platform.

The company, which the merchants expressed their “pessimism” for Young’s maneuver and cited the need to balance “so much security for the eyes as the freedom for the creators”, did not respond to a solicitation of comments from the AFP.

Last year, his executive director, Daniel Ek, told Axios that he did not create Spotify, that he had recently begun to invest heavily in podcasts, and to blame Rogan’s editorial responsibility.

Compare to podcasts with “rappers really well paid”, making sure that “tampoco dictates what we put in our songs”.

“Commercial Preoccupations”

Spotify’s media generates applause on the internet of organizations like Rumble, a popular video transmission platform between the country, which credits the company with “defender to creators” and defends “freedom of expression”.

Pero Young, 76 years old, also received great compliments for taking a position, including the wife of the World Health Organization. The music was created by other artists to follow its example.

Summer Lopez, Senior Director of Expression Freedom Programs in the PEN America End-of-Life Organization, states that “it is likely to be one of the few artists that will actually allow this type of writing to take place”.

“All have the right to hack”, indicates the PEN defender, a dedicated organization to defend the freedom of expression.

However, he expressed his concern about “calling it more amplified to boycott Spotify”, because “it is an essential space for artists to read to their audiences and to a source of ingress”.

The platform paper like Spotify to moderate content is complete, according to López, because it differentiates social media, it is a “mainly designed service to amplify art and art works”.

“I believe the real problem here is that Spotify does not have a clear policy on this,” it said.

The plant has questions about whether “there is any significant independence” between “the decision-making process and its commercial preoccupations”.

“Personal experience”

In the last years, the titles of the online media, included Facebook y Youtube, he was criticized for allowing the theories of the conspiracy to differ from his points of view.

After losing its explosive cremation, the podcasting has disappeared.

Valerie Wirtschafter, senior data analyst at the Brookings Institution, who studies political behavior and contemporary media, explained that the main issue is that “there is a large and decentralized space”.

It is embarrassing, admitting that audio is a particularly powerful medium for diffusing falsifications: “Have a personal experience species that succeeds alli”.

The intimacy of sound combined with the conversational style of the podcasts allows the eyewitnesses to process the information in a way that “potentially it was called in a more powerful medium for which these falsifications, for this erroneous information, are found”.

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