Spotify has released Neil Young’s critics and will combat the information about the covid

Spotify tomará medidas para combat the information about covid-19 on its platform, announcing the domino the giant Swedish music on line, tras a boycott launch launched by folk-rock legend Neil Young.

The number one world of streaming music apply attachments to all podcasts that mention covid-19, guiando to his users has factual information and scientifically verified, announced his president and founder Daniel Ek in a communication.

“It’s clear to me that we are obliged to do more to achieve balance and access to widely accepted information of the medical and scientific communities “, added.

“This is a new experience for combat misinformation will be launched in the country and in the world in the nearest days “, subrayó.

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This announcement is the subject of a controversy initiated by the Canadian-Canadian musician Neil Young, who announced this week the sound of his music from the platform suacca if he was not invited to host the podcast of the controversy and very listened animator stadium Joe Rogan.

Rogan is accused of haber desanimado a los jóvenes a vacunarse and promote the use of an unauthorized treatment against the coronavirus.

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