Specialty kiosks, by Òscar Broc

The first time I saw a kiosk with specialty coffee in Barcelona (Paseo de Sant Joan) I thought someone had a great idea. It’s been a few years since that meeting, but I still remember the impact: you buy the newspaper, you take a cool magazine of import and, by the way, you crack a quality flat white. There was no lack of critical voices, the same ones that said that the brunch and the gourmet burgers They were fads hipsters (and now they have to eat their pouts).

Is named News & Coffee and, evidently, it was not a fad for hipsters. to the people on foot, modern and not so modern, he was seduced by the idea, despite the repellent defenders of gastro authenticity. Yes, that modern coffee-kiosk It was a great idea, and it multiplied: there is already four locations in Barcelona, ​​one in Valencia, another in Madrid and, shortly, they will try their luck outside of Spain. They seem to be doing well.

Newspapers and caffeine

So juicy is the idea of ​​hybridizing newspapers, cool magazines and specialty coffee that News & Coffee has already come out countless imitatorssome of them with levels of coffee quality alarming. The formula has been copied wildly, quickly and poorly. Often with assumptions baristas whose short experience is not matched by high coffee prices.

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That being said, now that these café-kiosks are beginning to appear like mushrooms, I would put specialty coffee everywhere, let’s see if the world bursts. Orthopedic shops with cold brew. baristas drawing panda bears in cappuccino at your favorite DIY store. And what about that trusted underwear store you would always go to: Coffee & Calzoncillos. It doesn’t sound very good, I admit.

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