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Tragic news from Mexico. The Spanish surfer Óscar Serra passed away on Saturday morning on the beach in Zicatela, in the city of Oaxaca, while surfing in the Central American country. According to the information revealed by the country’s press, the young Valencian was preparing to surf the gigantic waves in hidden port, one of the best known in the world. In the first wave, the fateful instant was unleashed. Miguel Castrillon, one of his companions, related it.

“Zicatela you gave me the best day of my life and today you have given me the worst day of my life, this is a real nightmare. We met this morning to go in together because it was your first day in port and in the first wave you left us. Oscar I hope that up there you continue to be the great person you were. I was lucky enough to meet you two days ago in Barra De la Cruz and of course I’m going to stay with that bath we took together and with that smile that you always wore. “

The Mexican media went into more detail. Serra entered the sea shortly after 7:00 a.m. when the flag was red, a common practice among surfers, and ended up surprised by a wave, falling helplessly from a height of more than two meters from the top of the wave. hitting with the body on the sandy bottom. The Spanish surfer was rescued and quickly brought to shore by rescue teams, but they were unable to revive him.

The same Spanish Surf Federation He issued a note of condolences on social networks, thus confirming the news. I was going for one of the most famous big waves in the world, but this time the risk got away with it. Throughout its history, this area has taken away thousands of surfboards and, unfortunately, some lives as well. There was forever that of Óscar Serra.

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Castrillón’s story was not the only one about Serra. Ainara Aymat revealed how the last days of the surfer were: “I have not separated from him in the last 42 days. I know that he has not communicated with many people, he turned off his mobile and only picked up mine from time to time. I have thought about making a mini report of his last month and a half. I hope it helps you to see how happy he has been here. I have more photos of him on the reel than of my dogs. But I upload this one because he wanted to upload it one of these days. that he loved the photo, the girl who came out and that smile that I seldom get in front of the camera, but that came out when I was with him. Here he is quiet in Nicaragua. 3 days after breaking his foot, he took off his cast To be able to surf the outereef before. Look how cute. Looking for mushrooms in the shit of cows. I was like a child looking for his lollipop to go to the stratosphere. In the end we found nothing. But look how happy with those rotten mushrooms. This day He told me it was the best bathroom of his life in Barra, just like I. He caught a lot of waves and surfed you shit. It was cool to see him surf and come out happy. This is when we got to Zicatela and he saw live for the first time the wave that he had seen in photos since he was little and that for his balls he wanted to surf. Look at that excited face. I wish you had seen the happy face she had this morning. He had wanted to enter this wave for a long time and there he has gone with his gun as a gift from the year of Christ, ultra happy. He always told me that if he left one day, that the best way would be as it happened, enjoying life. This is an appreciation video for how handsome he was. With the sarong that his mommy gave him. Fuck is he was the best, and how am I going to miss him. “

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