Spanish anti-tank weapons end up in the hands of pro-Russian Donbass

From the Los Llanos air base in Albacete on March 4 to the Donbas battlefield 18 days later; and from being Ukraine’s defense aid material to being part of the arsenal at the disposal of Vladimir Putin. The command of the pro-Russian separatist forces of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) has announced the captures the Ukrainian army of a batch of Spanish grenade launchers in the surroundings of Novo Mikhailivka, a town north of Mariupol, on the route that leads to the capital Donetsk from the punished Ukrainian coast.

The capture took place after a fight on Monday that ended in the withdrawal of the 54th Brigade of the Ukrainian forces, abandoning part of their offensive material and vehicles on the ground. The same day 21 has been announced by the separatist government of Donetsk. A note made public by the Donetsk News agency quotes Eduard Basurin, number two of the Donetsk People’s Militia and former DPR Defense Minister, as the authority confirming the capture.

In the same part of the war, Basurin announced that on that day his forces had “liquidated 36 Ukrainian occupants”11 firing emplacements, an infantry transport vehicle and a BM-21 Grad rocket launcher, in addition to an artillery depot.

Some of the anti-tank grenade launchers they have seized have been shown by a Bastión TV news program, DPR television. The pro-Russian forces of Donbas -Novorussia for the Putin regime- they have not revealed how many of these Spanish weapons have fallen into their hands. His statement only specifies that it is “a great group of Instalaza grenade launchers”, expressly citing the Spanish arms firm and the date of shipment: “March”. C90 CR-AM (M3) launchers from batch 3-13 manufactured by the company from Zaragoza for the Spanish Army. The weapons have been shown without evidence of having been used.

From defensive to aggressive

The weapons requisition “will be used to defend Donbas,” says the statement from the separatist militia. A total of 1,370 C90 grenade launchers from the Spanish infantry left in an A400M plane from the Air Force on March 4, in the first shipment made by the Ministry of Defense in aid of the Ukrainian armed forces. The number of units was revealed by the minister Margaret Oaks in an interview on Antena 3, and his class advanced by this newspaper.

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Spanish grenade launchers, despite not being the most modern of those manufactured by Instalaza, are a very powerful weapon, capable of being used by personnel without military training just by looking at the instructions drawn on one of their sides. In addition, they can fire tandem grenades 300 meters away, which explode in two phases: they first destroy the outer defense of the battle tank and then penetrate inside the vehicle.

These types of anti-tank weapons have shown their effectiveness in Ukraine, contributing to stop the advance of the Russian armored columns on the cities and preventing tanks from going across fields by breaking away from their protection. In this war, they have become the most feared weapon of the Ukrainian resistance in their ambushes in the wastelands or among the rubble.

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