While the situation in Afghanistan is increasingly tense and the Government works against the clock to evacuate its Spanish workers and Afghan collaborators who have served the Spanish authorities on the ground, a report has been published Offer in the BOE with a job for the Spanish Embassy in Afghanistan.

It is a post of Communications Operator, published in the BOE of this August 16. A person with “experience and knowledge in Foreign Service. Experience and knowledge in local and wide area networks and management of communications equipment and systems” is wanted to work in Kabul. The salary is 4,230.38 euros per month.

A strange offer at the moment in which it occurs, once all the efforts of the country are focused on rescuing all the workers of a country that is about to implode.

The offer published in the BOE.

This same Monday, two A400 aircraft, with capacity for more than a hundred people each, have left Spain for Dubai with a single objective: rescue the 500 people, including diplomatic personnel, interpreters and family members, who are currently in Kabul.

The Kabul 500, as they are becoming known in the press. It is a military operation promoted by the Ministry of Defense in collaboration with Foreign Affairs in which even the smallest detail has been taken care of so as not to leave anything to chance. However, chance is being fickle and circumstances in Kabul are becoming unpredictable.


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